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Working Out Everyday?


I am trying to find out if it is good or bad to workout everyday. I mean like day one heavy lifting day two light lifting. I mean not giving my muscles any breaks other then one day a week. I mean total body every day heavy loads and then light loads the next. Has this been done? Why do I need breaks? Any help would be great!


Well. working out every day is fine...as long as you separate muscle groups. The thing about it is, recovery is the key to working out. No matter what you are doing. If you are looking to gain the extra stength, or build up that muscle..either way recovery time is very important.If you want to work every day..just do what i said--split up muscle groups. I wouldnt work the same muscle within 48 hours.

What i used to do was this:
Back/Bi, Chest/Tri, Shoulder/Forearms, Legs.

But...Still I >>wouldnt<< suggest it. Its up to you.

Find a Chad Waterbury program...he rules!


Focus on what your goals are, and pick a program that follows those goals. Don't be so concerned with training every day just because you might have obsessive tendencies.

Now that I've said that, here's a couple of suggestions:

It's possible to workout every day, but volume and fatigue must be managed.

Pavel Tsatouline has written some programs that you can use daily, and is one advocate for higher training frequency. There is the 3-5 program 3-5 reps, 3-5 sets, 3-5 days a week. There is also his Power to the People program with you pick 2 exercises and only do 2 sets daily, 5 reps a piece. I used that program to gain alot of strength on DL, Bench and Pullups.

Chad Waterbury has also written some programs of late that incorporate high frequency training. You can reach his articles by clicking to you left under Authors. I've also gained alot of strength using CW's methods, 10x3, 8x3, 5x5, 4x6. I have been lifting 3 times a week DL(alt squat), Bench(alt MP), Bent Over BB Rows(alt Pullups). I have gained similar amounts of strength with this program.

I would say if strength with minimal hypertrohpy is your goal, then check out Pavel's stuff. If maximum hypertrophy with stength gains is your goal, then try Chad Waterbury's programs.


I'd agree that as a beginner you probably don't need to do anything like every day workouts.

Make sure you are eating well, sleeping well and doing a good workout. As a beginner things will take care of themselves from that point for quite a while.