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Working Out During Cheat Day


I've been reading articles and post on T-Nation for about a year now, but this is my first post.

Like most of you, I have one day a week where I allow myself a cheat day for nutrition. My day happens to be Sunday.

Would it be advantageous to work out a large muscle group on my cheat day? The way I see it, my body is being introduced to a higher amount of amount of calories on this day so why not take advantage of this calorie surplus and have an intense training session.

I'm curious what you guys think.


I never thought of a cheat day being an Off day from the gym. In fact, I'd rather keep calories lower on non-workout days and eat larger on a day that I've had a decent workout.


That's always been the best idea IMO, another thing you might want to consider is using your "cheat calories" during the morning or mid-afternoon instead of at night time.


Or dont work out. Remember that progress, growth, etc comes out of the gym not in it. Reep the benefit of the day off and excess food, relaxation etc. then come into the next workout ready to kill.

I know that some of my best w/o's have come after BIG cheats like trips to Vegas Buffets etc. All the stores being refilled etc.

More than one way to look at it I suppose.


John Berardi has recommended working out just prior to a large chear meal to limit fat gain. It makes sense to me, but I am not the doctor.

Lift4life - how do you regularly get to a LV buffet from chocolate city?


I do a quick 10 step pyramid of pullups x 1, pushups x 2, and hindu squats x 3 on my cheat day first thing in the morning.