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Working Out Before You Eat?


every mourning I usually have my first meal around 7 which is usually a protein shake, an omlette and toast. However I wanted to get up earlier (about 5) to practice on basketball I was wondering if I could split the meal up and take the protein shake at 5 and then the rest of the breakfast at 7 or would that mess up my diet? thank you for you time.


No you cant as you will internally combust if you got about eating that way.
Sorry for the sarcasm but I really dont see what kind of response you are looking for. How do you think it will mess up your diet?
If you are looking to put on size/mass and this is adding more cardio into your daily work outs then add more calories to your daily total so you dont lose size.


Yup go for it and well you may want to just add it on the extra shake, goal dependent



Yeah I kno it was kind of a stupid question it's just I eat certain times to center around my evening workout and I just didnt wanna mess it up, thanx for your response