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Working Out at a Home Gym Vs. Going to a Gym


I really find that working out at home, with my own music, no distractions, is just better than going to a gym and having all that noise around you. Anyone else feels the same?


Its true. But there are also a lot of downsides to home gyms.

1) You may not have the money to purchase everything at once.
2) You may not have the equipment you need for certain movements.
3) You may not have the space for all your equipment
4) The atmosphere of a home gym and a commercial gym are different. Some people enjoy the change and most people enjoy leaving the house.
5) Unless your wife/girlfriend/roommate is willing to spot you then you're on your own for lifting which means taking extra precaution before doing certain movements (bench press mostly)

But depending on your lifestyle, a home gym is the best option. Personally, I prefer my home gym for time and hygiene purposes. I have a squat/bench rack and adjustable bench with ~400lbs in bumper plates, a door way pullup bar, an abmat, abwheel, and a few other odds and ends. Otherwise, I have everything I need. I REALLY want a pair of the Bowflex adjustable 90lb dumbbells - but fuck you for $600.00.


i don't have a home gym but sometimes i'm the only person training in my gym. i do like it when there isn't anyone else in there. i can take charge of the music and yell as much as i want and totally get in the zone. sometimes i like it when there are other people in there. especially if they are intense and focused. the buzz of a bunch of people tearing it up is even better than training my myself, i reckon. doesn't take much for some jackass to spoil it, though, of course. and then i'd much rather have the place to myself.


I love training at home. I would never train in a commercial gym and have to listen to gay pop music I do not mind a bit of katy perry she is hot and can actually sing. When I train I grunt swear c'mon mother fucker listen to black sabbath playing in the back round lift some heavy iron have chalk going everywhere thats the way I love to train.


Home gym all the way!!

The more I here people talk about their gym going experiences the more convinced I am that having my own lil set-up at home= WIN!!!!!!!!

-No gym fees.
-No listening to OTHER people's crappy music.
-No waiting for equipment.
-No imbeciles giving you completely irrelevant, unsolicited advice.
-No sexy ladies to distract me in between sets of squats.
-No waiting to drive home before I can sit & scoff food.
-Nobody telling you the exercise(s) you are doing isn't allowed OR is dangerous.
-No, self-conscious twinges to hold you back.....like, 'I really wanna do glute bridges'.....but I feel like a bit of pseudo-sex-offender doing this in front of 20-30 or so random people.

Hell, even the weight capacity of a lot of supposedly 'commercial' gym equipment is sub-par. 300lbs tops on lat pull down machines <<<<




Public Gym: No risk of squashing your balls whilst doing naked box squats

Private Gym: All the ball-squashing you could ever want


As ridiculous as it sounds, there are a lot of beautiful women strutting around my gym, and it definitely forces me to work harder, hit higher reps, and put up more weight.

Primal nature is a powerful motivator, and you're not going to get that in your garage.


One fellow at my gym runs a fairly large BB/figure show and has posing classes. Sometimes they parade back and forth in front of the racks...

It's like squatting at the titty bar.


and I bet you bust your ass 10X harder than if you were at home by yourself. Guaranteed.


Many a PR have been set during those times.


I suspect this is personal(ity) type of thing

Some prefer to be in a group-type atmosphere (and all that entails) while others prefer a different setting


Can't lift naked in a commercial gym.


The take home point of this thread is that someone actually thinks Katy Perry is talented.



I think she is talented but got away from the music that suits her voice. She could easily put it down on some soulful tracks but chose pop for the money and shit....

she could have been Joss Stone like


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95% of my training is in my garage. It's where I can be the most focused. However, I do enjoy going to commercial gyms from time to time for air condioning/heat and pure entertainment.


I love working out at home at this stage of my life. It saves me a boatload of time and there is no waiting. I loved going to a gym when I had more time for all the equipment. Lifting is fun.


People are saying I prefer X to a commercial gym, whic wasn't really the question, I train in a grotty private gym in a basement it's dirt cheap, your allowed as much chalk/swearing/being a 'lunk' as you want.

I'm surrounded by huge guys, shifting a ton of weight and anyone can change the music, I wouldn't get that at home.