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Working Out at 10,600 Feet Above Sea Level


Hi you don’t know me, but allow me to introduce myself- I am Allyson. My husband and I have been living at 10600 above sea level since we did a two month stint of “spring” camping (not our first camping trip of 2 months plus) in the mountains April 2014, (if you didn’t know spring snows are often heavier than the winter storms in the high country). At that time we didn’t have a snowmobile so we Jeep’d as far as we could go then snowshoed the entire camp on snowshoes, right before a spring storm of about a foot of the sloppy spring snow descended upon us. I was thankful for the dedication to 6 days a week workouts 3 years prior to the move to get me in condition to prosper at 10600.

Since then we have built our Stabbur cabin, our 12x12 wall tent has been put away, it did us well, but now the log cabin, that the local Amish built us suits us much better. My husband commutes partial on snowmobile to his job where he consults as a machinist/gunsmith for a local business. With the abundant time living in our winter paradise, I have had time for much reflection, from the time I first started lifting weights with my two older (10 and 15 years older than me) powerlifter brothers, fifteen years ago this fall. The mountain has also given me the ability to use my imagination to create my own nature inspired workouts (in combination with my varied but consistent bodybuilding workouts ).Snowshoes have been my favorite form of cardio lately.

I have actually developed HIIT workouts utilizing a variety of movements that for many I have not seen demonstrated. I was considering making a pin or video demonstrating them. Would any one be interested? I know, much of the population does not have access to snow as I, but it really makes for an intense workout for anyone that loves nature, has some snow available, and likes to change up from the everyday gym workouts. Although I often use these in conjunction with different types of weight workouts.

Anyway, sorry to be long-winded. I have never really been part of a community of female lifters, I have always gone stag in that part of my life. Indeed it is hard to find a workout partner, the closest I ever came was my 230 pound brother. HAHA, Cheers from 10,600! Allyson :smile_cat:


I live at 7,200 ft in Colorado. Not quite 10,600. I must admit to being a gym rat myself but I’d love to see a video of your outdoor adventures.


I am also in Colorado, on the extreme southern boarder of Colorado and New Mexico, surrounding the San Luis Valley. I started doing circuit training in 2008, and got into bodyrock in 2011. At the time my husband and I were living in Jamestown, CO (6,920 ASL) later to Longmont, CO, where we moved from in 2013. My progress quickened while I have been at 10,600. I can definitely see why athletes workout at elevation, in my experience it makes a huge difference. -Allyson