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working out and atp/creatine levels

ive asked another site on this question also and haven’t received anything yet, could you tell me your opinion on this? when you work out lets say your chest, and your atp/cp levels go down and will take about 3-5min till your muscles have replenished itself,well when you lose these atp/cp levels in your chest, it wont mess with the atp/cp levels in lets say your hams, right?, so during the rest could i do a hams exercise, because im trying to split my quads and hams on seperate days but still keep a 3 day split. thanks for any info

Dan, in theory yes but when are you taking your creatine and what kind (Monhydrate/phosphate/citrate)? If your timing it so that it’s in your bloodstream during workouts, not only will it replenish but convert ADP back to ATP for immediate use again. It takes about an hour for creatine to 1absorb and excess turns to creatinine after about 2-3 hours so you have about a 1-2 hour window if you take this approach. It’s been woking for me. Let me know what you think, sound like you’ve been reading about creatine.

Phosphocreatine stores are intramuscular, so when you exhaust the stores in your pecs, you can still have full stores in your quads or hams. What you are suggesting is not an ideal solution though. Sure, phosphocreatine stores may be ok, but hormones, lactic acid, and other metabolites act throughout the system and your exercise performance may be compromised if moving constantly between big muscle groups.