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Working Out Alone

I work out at home. It is hard to find someone to workout with so I have been working out alone. Is this going to ruin my progress?

I worked out alone for the first 5-6 months of my journey. Keep the weights manageable on the bench to avoid being stapled. I got stapled early trying to get a few more reps…

Yes and no. In some ways it will limit your bench press work and ability to get heavy near limit sets, but you will learn your capibilities and not have to wait on someone else.

Stay safe and grind on…

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Thanks for the advice. I am just trying to figure what exercises to do and how to check for form besides a mirror. I have been trying full body workouts three times a week.
Dumbell press
Military press
Barbell curl
Bent over rows.
I have not seen great results. I know I have to improve my diet though.

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I have worked out with another human 3 times in 18 years. I have managed to deadlift 650lbs at 200lbs bodyweight doing this, among with other feats.

You will be fine.


This makes no sense to me.


I feel like I made more progress working out with another person.

I, also, have trained exclusively at home / alone since purchasing a house and the requisite equipment.

It will not “ruin” your progress at all unless you let it. Some people are motivated by training in a group or with a partner; if that’s you, a possible hybrid would be finding a partner to join you at home (even if they can only join you once a week) or going to a gym for a weekend meetup. I think some of the Strongman folks on here train mostly at home but occasionally go to a Strongman-oriented gym for a special “events” / “implements” day on Saturdays; that’s another option.


Those are really good ideas. Thank you for the comment.

I guess we are all different, so I suppose it boils down to what works for you.

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If you can manage to take a piss without someone holding your dick for you then you can lift a barbell without someone unracking it for you.


Sometimes it’s fun and motivating to lift with some one else.

Other times it’s a big hassle because they want to do stupid stuff you don’t want to do, or they are really short for your rack heights or something.

By yourself you pick the music, which is cool.

You can talk to people on the internet, about lifting, for tips and ideas, too. So even alone, you’re not completely alone.


As far as form check. You can video yourself and then post them on here. I have found no shortage of people telling me it was wrong :laughing:


Hahahaha good point.

Been about 8 years since I lifted with someone more than once every time they feel fat.

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I love working out in my basement. Equipment is always available when I need/want it. I can blast the music on.
My boyfriend lose motivation if he is not in a gym setting.

It is very personal

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I was worried at first to workout alone and had no clue what to do for a routine. Honestly you are in the right place if you are alone because of the advice/support here. Read what others post and do but also put yourself out there to get advice from some of these hardcore lifters! Seeing them kill their own goals motivates me to do the same and when I need a push they will do that too. Some are brutally honest but that is also a plus as long as you take it that way. Good luck :wink:

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Fuck other people - they’re unreliable and distracting.

I work out like George Thorogood


@Yogi1 I agree they are unreliable!

Also George Thorogood :sunglasses: cool!

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why do you think that is? is your issue that you can’t find the motivation to lift at all, or do you just not push yourself very hard when you’re not lifting with someone?

Agree with what other people have said about other people being unreliable. When I was in my last teens and early 20’s, I really wanted to have a workout partner every time I went to the gym. And I usually did. But I went through at least a dozen different ones over like a 6 year period. Nobody sticks with it. Eventually, I just gave up on it. I’ve made most of my progress in the lifting world lifting alone.

These days, I do train with other people once a week for strongman events. And that’s cool, because we’re all people with similar goals, and we can help each other. But it’s certainly not necessary, and if I want to practice events that others aren’t doing, I just go and do my own thing anyway.

The bottom line is, if you can learn to motivate yourself to work hard when no one else is around, you’ll be better for it, both as a lifter and as a person.

so spiritual. so profound. so whoa.


The biggest difference I’ve noticed between having a training partner and training alone is accountability. It’s a lot easier to bail when no one’s waiting for you.