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Working Out After Tooth Extraction

Hey guys,

I’m due to have a molar pulled out tomorrow morning (basically an old filling didn’t hold, stuff went downhill).

I asked the dentist how many days I should take off before I work out again, and he said I could go the same day if I really wanted to and that there isn’t any need to take time off.

I’m just wondering if anyone on here actually has any real life experience with this, since I don’t think the dentist would likely have a good idea of the intensity of a workout or a legitimately heavy lift. I’m pretty certain I’d “feel” fine to go, but I’m mostly worried about the extra blood pressure from squatting or deadlifting wrecking the clots or whatever and causing a ton of bleeding.

Not a troll post, serious question. How long should I stay out of the gym?


Ive had teeth pulled out, screws screwed into my jaw, implants etc etc. If I was you I would take the day off. Maybe take the next day off if your not feeling right.

Its not a big deal.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah having had it done now, I feel like I could go but it wouldn’t be smart. I’ll give it a day.

A trip to the dentist isn’t any reason to miss a workout. You can always scale the workout…no need to go ‘all-out’.