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Working Out After Surgery


I had male breast reduction surgery about 10 months ago. I was wondering if there was anyone with experience with working out after surgery. I work out but am struggling to get results, I think my muscle tissue may have been damaged, and the area is still totally numb, the nerves never grew back.

I get some results, my chest doesn't look AS fucked up as it just after surgery, it was a sorry state then. But I wonder about things such as muscle memory and nerves when it comes to muscle growth. Is there ways to repair muscle when its been damaged?


Numbness is a problem. Have you been consulting with the surgeon who did it or another surgeon about this (regularly and recently). If not, you need too. The workouts are step 3 after consulting with your physician to get medical clearance and doing physical therapy. You need to seek expert help beyond what can be provided on an internet forum.


Yeah the surgeon knows everything, he says there is nothing to worry about. The thing is, if there is no physical problem, if its not life or death and you can move around and function fine, your not disabled and there is no infection, they don't really give a rats arse. They do not really care about how developed your pectorials will get or if your slightly numb, thats no in their remit, they are glorified butchers, no neurologists. Nerves and stuff that is a specialist thing that costs money I cannot afford.

SO, can anyone tell me if my chest being numb will effect my muscle development that knows about this?