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Working Out After Surgery

Hi Christian,
Thanks for all the great help you’ve given us here. I have a question about getting back into training after a significant (8 weeks) layoff due to vein surgery. I am just finishing up with the physical therapist. He knows I am a CSCS and personal trainer, so he told me to go ahead and go back to training.

Like most of the general population, he doesn’t knoe much about autoregulation, turn around speed, the perfect rep, etc. My question is should I start with some basic 3 X 10 sets to get the feel for lifting again, or can I go back to the ramping with sets of 3 like I was before the surgery? If it matters, I have some clogged veins and no Vena Cava.

I have been cleared to lift, although the doctor said the Valsalva manuever might not be the best thing for me right now.