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Working Out After Psoriatic Arthritis


About 18 months ago my joints started to hurt (both feet, rt. knee, rt. wrist, rt. shoulder, left knuckles all of them,left wrist, upper spine,) After a year of going to different dr.'s and meds that didn't work, my fiance figured out what was going on. I have psoriasis of the skin, have had it for the past 9 years not too fun. Well the psoriasis started affecting my joints as well; it is very simular to Rhumatoid Arthritis.

Before this hit me like a ton of bricks I was flipping 600lbs. tires and snatching 88lbs. kettlebells. I was heavy but I was strong as well. Well when my joints started hurting I stopped......well I have not worked out in 18 months untill about 6 weeks ago.

I found the right dr. and have the right medication (enbrel) and now it is like it never happened(except for the rt. knee it still kinda hurts but not at all like it used too).

One of my best friends is working out with me now and I would like to share whith every one what I am doing.

My goal is to get back into being a strong dude again, and now I will be avoiding getting hurt. We are doing phases starting with "normal weight lifting", phase two is starting to incorperate dynamic movments with dumbells, phase three is kettlebells, tires, sledge hammers, sand bags, etc.

I am also starting to achieve a goal of mine that I have been too lazy to do. 100 pushups without stopping!!!! I add one a day and so far I am on 28 and getting stronger every day. I am also doing daily kettlbell swings with my 36lbs. kettlbell. 11 on each arm working up to 50/arm in the next 5 weeks.

You see after being in pain for over a year, forced to be seditary, forced to watch my strenth leave my body, forced to stop doing the physical things I loved to do (hiking, camping, disc golf, working out like a phsyco) now that I have it under control it is a privlige to use my joints without pain, I must show the world that even with a nasty desiease with the proper medication you can change your life and with the right motivation get back to kicking ass!!!


hey man thats great to hear,
yeah im 25 and have arthritis in my knee in the medial region and i have two messed up shoulders with some arthritis there.
2 years ago i had to stop lifting heavy and asses things . i got back to working out but its never been the same.
its amazing how easily the body will break down if its not properly aligned even at my age.
anyways, i support your journey and let me know how your training and health are coming along.

take care,