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Working Out a Food Budget


Well im tried doing a search on this topic but couldn't find much. Im currently looking at my money situation and how im going to budget my food when i go back to school in september. As of right now im living at home with tons of free food which is great, but is only a reality for the summer. (My parents will give me some money im sure, but obviously not enough for a bodybuilding type diet).

So Im curious to know how much you guys spend on food per week when trying to bulk up(if it helps id like to get my weight to around 215 by the end of the year), since thats what ill be trying to do of course. During my first year i lived in residence and had to eat at meal hall (which was a major fail for a bodybuilding type diet, could never get enough food...ever).

This year im renting a house so it will be my first time ever doing all my own cooking and buying my groceries etc, but i need to know what is a decent amount of money to have set aside for myself. Also its worth noting that im not opposed to eating high carb foods such as pizza and burgers etc. The only supplements i`ve decided to buy will be Protien Powder, Fish oil, and Creatine (all i can afford really).

So what do you guys spend per week?


around 50-75 a week for me. That’s a rough estimate it will fluctuate some times.

All I can say is stock up on ground beef, turky,white rice and potatoes. Hey if you have to eat pizzas and burgers so be it…right now I started buying some small supreme pizzas at a local store here for 3 bucks. CHEAP! 1500 cals I think in total

Milk is an option if you’re not allergic…or lactose intolerant.

good luck, I know it’s tough to budget. Yet you just have to do your best. Hell I’ve read of some guys getting by on 20 bucks a week at times when bulking…


you can bet your balls milk will be a part of my diet

I think i may be able to swing about 60-65 bucks a week. I’ll have to talk to my parents though to see how much they are willing to help out.


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