Working Out 2 x Day

I wanted to know if it is a good idea to workout twice a day. Well see my problems is we have football workouts at school and they don’t really do nothing really for me so for christmas I was going to ask for a bench and a power rack and tailor a program for my needs instead of just the one coach makes us do at school. But I still have to go to that weight program in school 4 days of the week but could I still workout diff parts at home or on days off. Also is it true you can’t really overtrain you just need enough water and protein intake in the day and you’re good.

[quote]JCIZZ wrote:
Also is it true you can’t really overtrain you just need enough water and protein intake in the day and you’re good.

Not true. Water, protein, and sleep all help, but you can definetely overtrain, despite perfect recovery methods, if you don’t go about two-a-days in an intelligent manner.

The obvious question is: What will your coach have you doing? 4x a week might already be a lot of volume.

There are a few threads on this already. Honestly, it can be done depending on your level of fitness already and the intensity of your sessions.

But there IS a limit to how much activity your CNS can take in a day. Though this can be increased, it has to happen progressively and not just with a bang.

It is not true that just more water, protein, etc will do the trick. Mind you it WILL help. But it’s not the end all.

there are SO many factors that go into this. if you really want some help, detail to us your usual/average week, and what you will be doing with as much detail as possible.

and then we can help you out as far as plotting and planning how to manage training 2x a day.

There’s a Branding Iron edition with Chad Waterbury, where he is asked about 2x/day arm training. Do a search for Twice-a-Day For Lagging Muscles.

thanks. Our coaches has us benching twice a week biceps twice a week squat twice a week tri twice a week bentover rows twice a week like upper one day legs anonther then off then start cycle over again. And no i can’t miss the lifting sessions unless I’m like sick it’s consdered pratice

Ask your coach if he’ll give you a one month trial period to work out the way you’d like. If you make acceptable, measurable progress perhaps he’d let you have an input into your training methods. Optimistic I know, high-school coaches are not known for being open-minded, might be worth a shot.