Working on Next Piece of Ink

hey guys, right now i am trying to decide what the hell i want to do for my next tat. i have been debating in my head what i want to do for almost a year.

for you artistically inclined, i just want to see what you think about the big one i am thinking of.

i have a big godsmack sun on my right deltoid. big fan of them, but kind of regret getting it. anyway, i am wanting to start on a sleeve with it, but am kind of lost on where to go with it.

my nickname is odin, and i am in love with norse mythology, so i thought about putting a bad ass picture of odin sitting on a throne under the sun i have and having some war depictions and things under it.

ill post a pic of the sun i have and the Odin picture i am wanting, let me know what some of you guys think. most of the tattoo artists around here wont help much until you come in with a pretty definitive idea of what you want, they want their easy money i guess. fuckin college towns.

and heres what i want to put under it, but i dont know if it will go well together

His foot is super fucked up.

That first tattoo is tight. Yeah that second one is ok, just need to find a better design. (as mentioned his foot is super fucked up)