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Working on my Vertical


Hey guys here's the deal basically I'm a complete newb to lifting weights at 155 lbs, 5'9", 20 yrs old, only been lifting 3 months and I've seen some real nice improvements on all my lifts from Starting Strength. Thing is, my number one goal is getting a higher vert for the sports I play (volleyball and basketball) gaining (a lot) of weight and getting stronger is my second goal.

So I've decided I'll be using Kelly Baggett's "Vertical Jump Development Bible" for my vert program, the workouts are two days a week high reactive and plyometric workouts. Do you guys suggest staying with SS and just scrapping the squats or moving (temporarily) over to something like WS4SB. I'd love to stay with SS as it has really been working but I feel like 2 lifts a day for 3 days a week is just not enough.



Are there no athletes on T-Nation? Someone has to know this.

I am no athlete, but my understanding of the matter is that it is not only about strength in your lower body, but also about flexibility (Kadour Ziani says it is why he has a world record vertical) and not carrying around a lot of fat (One of the contributors on here said that he noticed a correlation between those who could do the most pullups and those who had the lowest 40 times and best verticals).

I have seen people use these shoes that are like platforms for your toes that are supposed to increase your vertical too. They have their own program though to go with them. My cousin used them and he said they worked. I cant remember what they are called though. Sorry.

I have no clue what WS4SB can do as I am not familiar with that program, but I don think that scrapping squats (the primary developer of lower body strength in SS) is a fantastic idea.

Seriously thoug Kadour Ziani is a beast. He is in slam nation. Check him out on youtube.




With the amount of jumping you do in volleyball and sprinting you do in basketball just stick with SS. Just have a day dedicated to olympic EXPLOSIVE lifts such as hang cleans. With volleyball if you are playing power or right side (you're not tall so would probably not be playing middle) just practice/ do reps with the attack approach and blocking may it be "swing" blocking or proper blocking.

I found with all that jumping you do in practice and games there really isn't a need to do a vertical jump program. Are you playing college? What's your vertical now? I got into 32" during season with just keeping up with squads. By no means is that huge but not small at all. I was out reaching some of the guys that were 6'4" and I am your height.

I was really impressed with our captain that was our height maybe 5'11" 220lbs with 30" legs that had the biggest vert. Wasn't the leanest guy but I was jelly.

Just my opinion from experience. Others may have different views. I played 3 years college.

I never really understood why they have so many different variations of types if jumps you can do. If you play a sport that has a certain way to preform a jump over and over again than why not practice that same exact jump? Like swimming you aren't going to run for cardio you are going to swim. Makes sense? Just random thoughts.


I don't know much about vertical jump but when I was trying to learn (very roughly) how to I found a bunch of stuff over on the conditioning forum. I think there is a whole thread there devoted to peoples progress on the vert. jump. If you use the search function you will probably get some good hits from the conditioning forum. Or if you post your question over there (sometimes people only frequent certain boards).



Thats pretty solid, I think 40 inches is super ultra rare if im not mistaken.

I was doing a bit of research for the OP and I saw that the best vertical (just standing and jumping, no running) was something in the ballpark of 36.

Olympic lifts would be smart too, that was pretty slick advice in my opinion. Maybe hang cleans or something. (???)

OP, check these out...