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Working on a Database to Track Gym Progress...


I'm working on a database right now that tracks progress in the gym (or anywhere else you may exercise)...I may need some testers in a week or two. Would anyone here be interested in giving it a try?

I'm not sure how far I'm going to take it. If I get inspired enough I may link it with Excel to graph out progress on exercises over time.


I'd be interested in testing that.


Count me in.


im in


count me in...twice


Im down. I actually made one myself on microsoft access for a business class I took a year ago.


alright, I'm going to bump this thread when it's ready. It won't be a finished product, I'll just be looking for feedback from people so I can tweak and finish it off.

I've tried a few of the sites on the internet for this type of thing, and by and large they suck, so I'm aiming to make this NOT suck.


What will be your criteria for progress?


bodybuilding.com did it.


Count me in :slight_smile:


I'm in.


A notebook does just as well to guys...


If I may ask, how are you programming it, and what are you including in it?

Things like calculating total volume per exercise / per workout, theoritical 1RM based of weight previously lifted, volume pushed / pulled in the workout, things like that (yes, I've thought about doing it myself)


Yeah pretty much all that. I'm going to try and cram as much in as I can think of. I'm also trying to make it as simple to use as humanly possible.

(great idea on the theoritical 1RM as well, hadn't thought of that one)

I'm doing it in access since that's probably the most common database program.


I meant for entering workouts. I'm going to try and cram in an assload of tools though.

If anyone has ideas for what they'd like to see in it, please post it in this thread, or PM me.


You should have it so it automatically tell you if you have progressed in reps or weight or sets for any given exercise. Just my 0.02 cents. Like "Beating the Log Book". I'm interested in it for sure.


I think taking working weights and add ~2/3%, make this tunable, to set a weight goal for the next workout would be useful.

A summation to calculate weekly volume in core lifts would be cool too. I don't know if very many people log this, but it would interesting to play around w/ and see what the tonnages and stuff are. Also number of lifts organized into %1 rm intervals may be interesting to look at as well.


Tunable to program progression, and features such as straight sets, or ramp by 10%, etc


I suppose Access is the most commonly used one, doesn't stop me disliking it though :slightly_smiling:

How're you going to handle the exercise entry? Have them manually enter the name of an exercise or select from a list? The problem with the list approach is that you're going to miss exercises, unless you allow the facility for them to add exercises to the list.

Also, will the user enter a set-rep scheme and weight for the exercise, or enter the weight and reps for each set of an exercise?

I may be over thinking this, my own fault for choosing a career in IT.


I'm out.