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Working Nights and Doing Comps?

Anyone have experience doing this? How did you adjust for the meet? I work 10-6am and am usually in bed from 830-430, which would pretty much be when the competition is. I was thinking maybe 2 weeks out do my training after work and sleep 1-9pm. My sleep pattern is the only thing keeping me from signing up yet. I’m just not sure how to go about it. Never done a meet before. And tips would be appreciated.

Its for the NASA East Texas Open June 16th.

It sucks and you will probly lose some pounds, but do it anyways. My first meet was at 8am, a 2 hour drive away. My typical bedtime is around 4-5am. I do think it serves me better to stay up longer before lift time, rather than wake up earlier, but thats likely individual. So I left town immediately after work (bout 3am) and just stayed up.

Also I’ve got experience shifting my sleep pattern entirely around, personally I dont think thats worth it for a one time meet. Unless it works out in the long term for the rest of your life.

Yea, I think I’m gonna do it anyway. I have to drive close to 3 hours to get there…thats gonna really suck. Would a meet typically last till late afternoon?

Ask Matt Kroc.

I work 9p-6a with Thursday/Friday off, which leads into Saturday competitions. Most of my training is done in a pretty tired state at around 9-10a (which doesn’t affect me anymore). I’ll stay up late on Thursday (about 7-10pm) and sleep like 10-14 hours two nights out, and usually get very poor sleep right before competitions anyways, so I only sleep probably 3-5 hours the night before.

Make sure you have some good stims to get amped up (be sure to try them in training) and maybe try working out at some awkward times once in a while. Eventually it will just come down to figuring out what works for you.