Working Man Template

Hey Paul, Big Fan of yours! My question for you is; How would you set up a 2-3 day template in the gym for maximum size and strength. I work a lot and have a lot going on but, I want to get in the best shape of my life. The thing is I don’t have the time to train and eat all day.
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Homie, I totally covered this in every way in the new Super Soldier program. Training, eating, less stress, supplements, the whole ball of wax. :slight_smile:

Awesome, This differs from the Jacked in 3 Series? Trying to pick one and follow and not get confised.

The jacked in 3 IS the second phase of the SSP.

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Hi Paul, excited about your new forum!

would the super soldier program me modifiable for someone whose focus is strongman & jui jitsu? (& also works a lot)

Yes. One thing I’m big on is people doing some of their own experimentation. You could easily plug in your strongman main movements for the first phase, and then work in your BJJ as the conditioning stuff. Most guys are doing BJJ Twice a week and that’s about how often intervals are run.

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Awesome. Thank you coach!