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Working legs with a bad back

I’m brand new to this site
I’m looking for advice on working legs for folks with bad backs. Right now I use a hip squat belt with some success but I’m looking for ideas. I work in presses occasionaly and extensions as well. Because of four back surgeries and a herniated disk, regular heavy squats are out of the question. I would love to hear any suggestions

Lunges…sissy squats…look into some of the Jerry Telle stuff. It may be of help. :frowning:

Try 1-legged squats on the Smith-machine (with the rear foot elevated). You should be able to use a decent load without causing any pain! This is a highly underrated movement for back pain sufferers! (I once belonged to this club.)

An added note: If you do Leg presses, make sure the backrest is at a 35% or “greater” angle, otherwise your low back will be forced to round-out too much at the bottom of each rep, which exposes L- 4, 5 + S1 to too much