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Working Kettlebells Into Training

I have recently started using kettlebells & am surprised in the combination of cardio/strength that is accomplished in most of the exercises. I currently do a mix of swings & snatches twice a week & then finish with front squats (45lbs. bell). I feel like Im getting more out of kettlebells for the time spent than free weights & then treadmill or bike. I am 50 years old & have been lifting & running for 27 years. I thought kettlebells were a fad but I have to tell you they have impressed me.

yeah. elitefts just ran a good article on them.

They now sell kettlebells at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I’m thinking about getting one. KB swings look cool, and I’d like to try the front squat. However, I wouldn’t drop any of the barbell or dumbbell exercises I do. They’re just another tool.

I have two kettlebells (20kg & 28kg) from muscledriverusa.com that I like alot. They have big fat 1.5 inch handles on them so I get some extra grip work.

I do a complex of:

1-Arm Snatches
1-Arm Clean & Press (or Clean & Split Jerk)
1-Arm Swings
1-Arm Overhead Walking Lunges
Combo Walks to failure (Light KB carried Overhead & Heavy KB Suitcase carried)

Reps depend on whether its the light KB or heavy KB. I like to mix it up, combine the KBs with my lighter 35lb DB and Big Betty, my 95lb DB.

Here’s a nice little heart-pounder:

Swing x5 - High Pull x5 - Snatch x5 - Swing x5 Left & Right

Here is another great KB complex.

R snatch/ L Snatch x5
R & L Clean and Press x5
Front squat x 10
R & L row x 5
R & L Lunge x 5
R & L High-pull x5
Two handed swing x 10

with a 53 or 70 lber it is brutal