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Working in the USA for 2 Months

Hey guys and gals,

There is a temporary position with a very highly thought of hockey performance center in the USA that is from June 1st to September 1st.

I really want to do it as it would look great on my resume and would be a great learning experience, plus make some money.

Does anyone know about the process and time line for getting a holliday work visa etc…

Im from Canada

It can depend on the country that you’re moving from - you’re from Canada, I’ve done similar from Australia. You’re best bet is to visit the US Embassy site for Canada and to do your own research. Also you should find that if the organisation is serious they will do most of the paperwork for you - but it’s good to know the details yourself too.

As an Australia we get two special visas - I guess Canada may have similar exceptions.

There is a visa waiver programme that will let you do limited commercial duties in the US for up to 3 months. There is also an E3 visa which is a specialised visa for Australians that have a job organised in the US and have ‘special skills’. This just means you have a degree in STEM basically and a company that wants you over there.

You may need to get a LCA ( to prove your not stealing jobs from Americans … :stuck_out_tongue: ), you may need to sit an interview at the consulate, you may need to have a degree, you may need your transcript etc etc. You’ll need to check out the embassy site as I said.

I found our embassy site ( US embassy for Australia ) a bit broken but functional and I had all teh info I needed and all the forms filled out within a couple of hours. The longest part so far has been waiting on the US for my LCA after that getting a visa is country dependent. My GF is getting a french artist visa which takes months and months, I’m getting an E3 which literally takes about 2-3 days.

All this info is easy to find. They even have wait times for each embassy in the state dept site. Actually the main stuff you’ll care about will be rent, car, bank accounts, tax, et etc all of which I’m still getting my head around :slight_smile:

Good luck, sounds like a fun opportunity. Like I said don’t be afraid to do your research then let the company sort it out. If they’re reputable then they’ve probably done this a bunch of times before.