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Working in oly lifts

Here is the deal- i am starting to mess around w/ oly lifts, and I dig them. Problem is I dont really know how to work them into a normal strength/hypertrophy routine. I am currently on a 5x5 routine- legs, back/chest, shoulders/arms/abs. I would like to toss in some snatches and cleans, but dont know where they would serve me best. leg day? shoulder day? Im kinda confused on placement. Any help would be appreciated.

I do my Hang Clean and Presses as the first lift of my shoulder day. Seems to be working very well for me.

DA Man I would highly recommend you to check out the program Christian wrote in Liar of the Ice Dog in the Bodybuilding/ power combine program I’ll try to bump it up for u…

You’ll find you can get good results doing them along with any routine as long as you:
a. Do them first in the workout and
b. Make sure you allow 48 hours rest between them.
In the particular split you mention I would do cleans first on leg day and then do snatches first on shoulders/arm day. This leaves you plenty of rest between the movements but also enough frequency to progress in both while also stressing many of the same muscle groups that you are focusing on in that particular workout anyway.

Thanks guys.