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Working in an Immigration Detention Centre


So in Australia we have an election coming up, one of the main focuses of it is our immigration policy. I worked for a company called Australasian Correction Managment (ACM) which was a sub of Whakenhut (spelling?).

I did previously tell a little of some things I did (slept with my bosses daughter, stole his pen). Anyway I have been talking to friends of late and if anyone wants to know my story or about how things used to work just hit me up because it is a very interesting story filled with world travel, violence, cell extractions (which were fun but often would get messed up which required belting the living hell out of a detainee because our 'battleship' was to edgy), dug abuse etc.

I worked at Baxter IDF, I dealt mainly with Afghans, Iranians and had to cut down a chick once. It's a story filled with highs and lows. I was also married and divorced during that time.

Anyway if you guys want to know just hit me up.



Tell us about the chick you had to cut down that sounds interesting.


I kind of don't see the point of the thread. Do you want us to put our illegals in Australian camps? I know the Outback is huge (there's an 1100 km road at the west end I'd love to try sometime!) but can we really put all our illegals there?


Actually HH they are trying to set up a camp on the island of Timor because they have the same type of stupid asylum laws the British have and they are getting flooded with illegals who then claim asylum status which makes them impossible to deport.


Yep, we are being absolutely flooded with "illegal" asylum seekers. They make up a whopping 2 percent of our intake!

We should just send those Tamils and Afghans back home to die.


Luckily we aren't being flooded. Only 2-5% of our yearly immigration is asylum seekers/refugees.

It is certainly nothing of the scale of the problem with illegals in the US.

The problem of course is that these asylum seekers are unstable. Like the recent violence against Indians was from Sudanese refugees. But Australia isn't as PC as the US or Briton and so we want to nip the problem in the bud.


The international law dealing with asylum seekers is that for them to be considered an asylum seeker they must request asylum in the first safe country that they reach. When people cross through safe but poor countries and continue on to a rich country to request asylum they are breaking the rules. They are economic migrants gaming the system.

If their lives truly were in danger they would play by the rules. So of course they should be sent back because they have broken the rules.


Pic of boss's daughter and/or pen? Maybe a creative and suggestive pic of your boss's daughter involving the pen?