Working In an Extra Workout

I generally workout 4 days a week
Mon - back and bi
Tue - chest and tri
Thur - legs
Fri- shoulders

My weekends free up during the cold months and I would like to add another workout. I am really interested in adding muscle. Would doing a day of Deads, bench, and squats on the weekend mess me up during the week? I do all 3 of these already in my existing workouts.

Any suggestions on what to do with my extra workout day would be appreciated

Believe it or not recovery days are just as important than workout days. Maybe if you go to the gym to rehab work and maybe core work.

What are your lift numbers like for bench, dead and squat? How many exercises are you doing for each muscle group and how about number of sets and reps for each?

I am 215 lbs about 5’11". I’ve only been lifting since feb of this year so I am a little embarrassed of my numbers

Deads I generally do 2 warm up sets of 12 reps at 190 lbs. generally do 3 working sets. 225 lbs 8 reps, 245 lbs 6 reps, 275 lbs 3 reps

Bench - 2 warm ups at 135 lbs. 3 working sets 155 lbs at 8 rep, 165 lbs at 5 reps, 175 lbs 3 reps

Squats - I usually warm up on the hack squat machine. So my working sets 185 lbs 10 reps, 205 at 8, 215 at 6

That was this weeks work

You only have one lower, but three upper days. If it were me, personally, I’d dump a separate shoulder day and get a separate leg day. I like squatting one day and deadlifting on another. Unless I’m mistaken and “back” day includes deadlifitng.

Dead lift is generally on back days, but I also straight leg dead on leg days but 3 sets of 12 at 135

You could do Bench, Squat, and Dead all on your extra day but don’t go for maxes. Focus more on explosiveness and technique.
For example Bench Press may look like this:
105 x 8
115 x 8
125 x 8
135 x 8
145 x 8