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Working Hard


Alright so when I did ABBH program it felt like I wasn't working that hard. I'm on Total Body Training now, and it's actually pretty damn hard cause my first exercise is always squats..and I've been using squats for monday, wednesday and friday..so as in Monday - heavy Wed - medium Fri - Light (high reps - 15).

This program I get satisfication from cause like I'm working hard and all.. but on my off days..it feels like I'm not even doing anything..and when it comes to the weekend it feels like I havent trained for like over a week. What should I do on my off days..I started to do abs, and traps, and grip.

That's better for me..but like..I REALLY just want to grow BIG and STRONG..definaetly getting stronger is a priority cause strength is awesome. I'm also going to start eating tons again, every 2 hours. But anyone get the same feeling that when they are on a program they jsut dont feel like they are working hard and stuff?



Are you progressing? If you are, than that's all that matters. Maybe you just need more weight on the bar.


If it doesn't interfere with the rest of your program, have you tried doing Deadlifts on Wednesday instead of Squats?

I made that change last week and had a better overall workout for the week. Or so it felt.

Was your program set up that way or did you change it to that way? I'm doing Monday - Heavy, Wednesday - Light, Friday - Medium. This way it gives me a better workout before two off days in a row but I still have time to recover. Also, it gives me a bit longer to recover after my heavy day (Monday) because Wednesday is my light day.


The Monday - heavy, Wednesday - Medium and Friday - Light..is following CW's Total Body Training. I like this program cause it feels like I'm working hard and can see that I'm getting gains from it.



So, you haven't been eating "tons" up until now? When do you plan to start?