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Working & Diet

I just started a new job and my hours are pretty crazy. I get in around 7:30 and don’t leave until around 7:30 at night. I really only get to eat 2 times at most during work and this is really killing my weight gain. Anyone else have this problem and what adjustments did you make?

planning ahead is crucial, after you been on the job for a while you will get the flow of things, some times are busier than others, some are slower.

pre pack all of your meals for the day and eat on the fly if you have to, MRP’s are pretty good in this situation too. I have eaten cold chicken breast and cut veges on the run, thank god for ziplock!

you get some strange reactions from people that you work with but, so what.

hope this helps


I hear ya. I am in the same situation. It’s not very easy. Best thing to do is pack a huge, take the time to prepare everything the night before and take it with you the next day. Always eat something 2-3 hrs aprt. Have most of your carbs in the morning and always have lots of proteins. Do you drink coffee? Try to switch to green tea. No sugar no milk. And since Grow! is so cheap, you might wanna get some…


Protein shakes. Depending on what type of work you’re doing, you may be able to get away with chugging a shake or two while on the job. Last summer I’d always bring a couple of sippers to work. Also, have some stuff pre-cooked in the fridge, so you can eat as soon as you get home.

Not that you want to drink all of your meals, but if you can afford it, buy some premixed canned meal replacements. Pop the top and 15 sec later your meal is done. Met-RX RTD 40’s taste pretty good FYI. You could also buy 2-3 water bottles and put Classic GROW in them before you leave for your work day. Then just add water, shake and you’re done. Make sure you’re taking a multi also as drinking all of your meals will seldom get you all the nutrients you really need. Try to get lots of good veggies and maybe some fruit with the whole food meals you do get to eat so that you get some fiber etc.

thanks. i have to get a better feel for the job so i can figure out when i can fit things in. i wish i could afford myoplex rtd, but they’re pretty expensive.

this is what i’ve been trying to do since i started. its def not ideal…

mea1 1 P&C 5:15- immediately after i wake up, solid food meal
meal 2 P&F 6:45- protein shake before i leave for work
meal 3&4 P&F - sometime during the day at work
meal 5 P&F 7:30- protein drink before i go to the gym
meal 6 P&C 9- 1st postworkout drink
meal 7 P&C 10:30- 2nd postworkout meal

Is that a bag of nuts in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? :slight_smile:

Nuts are great. Also the Grow recomendation is a great one. An easy way to do this at work is get a small kitchen funnel and some empty diet soda bottles. Put 1 meals worth of grow in each. When it is time just pour some water in and slam. You can add things like flax meal for added omegas, oatmeal, bran, what have you.

Hope this helped,

The precooked frozen chicken in a zip lock was a good suggestion also. By the time it thaws it is time to eat.