Working Deadlifts Into Program

Hi there, I’m trying to get back into the gym and used to find success doing something like: Mon - Legs, Tues - Chest, Wed - Back, Thur - Legs, Fri - Chest, Sat - Back…where the second legs day was hamstrings, first day quads. Second chest and back days included a big complex movement or two but then concentrated on the secondary muscles more (bis or tris etc)

I’ve been doing deads a bit on thursday but then my back is a bit fatigued from the day before. Alternative would be I could do hams w/o deads and then on the second back day do them.

Here is how I do them

Day - 1 Deadlifts, back, biceps
Day - 2 Chest/Tris/Delts
Day - 3 Legs
Day - 4 Off
Day - 5 Repeat

I think the key is too, when you are training high frequency, don’t go overboard on hitting deadlifts.

The day after deadlifts I do weighted chinups, cable rows, rack chins and some curl movements. Nothing the erectors can’t handle.

What I notice is that lifters can often still be strong in back exercises post-deadlift but perhaps not quite as much the other way round, by doing 2 back days a week your probably limiting how often you can go heavy in the dead on leg day (depending on exercise choices). To actually make the exercise progressive in a high-volume programme rests of around 10 days per deadlift may be quite appropriate for regular PRs, just an observation from mostly my experience with hitting new PRs as well as that of a few powerlifting friends. In my case I have one back day a week but the deadlifting on hamstrings day no doubt contributes to back/trap thickness in its own right.