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Working Back from Huge Strength Loss


Hey. I'm just looking for some advice here, as I've found myself in a bit of a rut.

I starting lifting about 2 years ago now. I started on starting strength, and made really good gains on that for ages and then starting doing some olympic lifting with a mate. Then I kind of stagnated for ages.

However, over the last 6 months I've lost shitloads of strength and weight. Going from squatting 130kg for 5, to struggling with 90 for 5. This drop is almost entirely my fault, not eating enough or following a decent program.

But now I really want to fight my back. I'm not sure if I should just jump back onto starting strength (or similar) and work my back up, or mix it up a bit? I feel completely stuck where I am.

Thanks for any help.


You say you want to fight back and 25 or so words later you feel completely stuck?
You're being a pussy
Don't be a pussy
You know you aren't eating enough - eat more.
You know your training is shit - use a program.
You were making progress and then trained with a mate - ditch the mate.


The important thing isn't the program, it's being consistent and making steady progress. For years.

Squat 140 kg for 5 reps before this year ends.


I don't understand the question? Do you want people to recommend a new program?

You worked your way up to that strength level once getting back there should be easy.

Set goals, eat, follow a program, eat, rest.

And, as Just_Matt pointed out ditch friends that hinder life goals.


Damn, you guys are right in calling me out.

The question I was trying to ask was: Go back to starting strength, or try an intermediate program since I stalled on starting strength 8-9 months ago.

BUT you're all completely right, the program is clearly not what is holding me back. I'm going to go back to starting strength and start eating and training properly.

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for wasting your time!