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Working at Lowes


I was looking to see how many of you guys and gals work at Lowes. I'm burnt to a crisp in the corporate world and am looking to try something different. Any type of feedback would be appreciated.

My professional background is in Sales, a good mix of outside & inside experience for technology companies and financial services firms. For several years, I was an Assistant manager for a Fleet Bank in central MA and understand the difficulties of dealing/working in retail environment.

A friend of mine is currently working as a sales guy in the kitchen & bath department. He makes $17 an hour and receives time and a half over 40 hours. His minimum workweek is 48 hours a week (about 45-46k a year) to 60 hours a week (63k a year), with commission opportunities on a monthly and quarterly basis. Hence, he's looking at 85k-100k a year. Also, my boss' husband works there as a Store mgr (worked in millwork prior) and he are well above the 100k earnings mark and she knows of people who legitimately make 85k plus in Florida.

My current situation is that I'm working 60+ hours a week at a sales outsourcing firm with a base of 42k. The highest that I can top out at is 62k. Two other things to throw in the mix are that I'm getting married in October and my future wife and I are selling my two-family and buying a new Colonial in December. My future wife works for the State (Massachusetts - lol) and loves her job.

Like I said I want to try something new and my fianc?e would most likely be fine with me making a move like this if it was for more money and that I would be happy. Also, we want to have kids in the next 18 months or so and I want to give her the option of not having to go right back to work.

Sorry for the long post and again appreciate any and all feedback.


My advice is to start focusing on compound movements like deadlifts, squats, bench press, and pullups.


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If your wife is o.k. with it, go for it. But make sure she ACTUALLY is o.k. with it and not just telling you what she thinks you wanna hear.

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gottatrain wrote:
My advice is to start focusing on compound movements like deadlifts, squats, bench press, and pullups.



If it's a type of work you think you would enjoy more (I know I would, I loiter at home depot all the frigging time, might as well get paid for it) and it's for more money and has a greater potential for growth, you'd be stupid not to. Another thing I feel is important in a career is how much you can learn there. I've always begun to feel stagnant when I've been with a job long enough that I feel I can no longer learn anything new.

Hope that helps.



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I work at a Garden Center and hate it with a passion. Do only something you like...dont get stuck selling bathtubs for the rest of your life because they'll throw you a few extra grand. Do something for yourself. Watch Fight Club a couple dozen times. Then make a career change.



Now thats what i call ADVICE!


Ok I'll bite too. Only reason is because I have some experience with there competitor, Home Depot. I also worked in the Kitchen and Bath Dept. Now this was only a job to help get me through school, so my career goals were probably different than what yours are.

I don't know what the structure of Lowes is but I would assume they are alot like the Depot. Yes the money might be good, but to make that kind of money you have to be good at what you do. To reiterate what was already said, don't do it unless you like it. If you get stuck in this position making 17 an hour and you don't ever hit your sales goals and don't make commision, then what? I am not saying this is ultimately what will happen, just throwing some ideas at you.

Another thought, I do know a few employees that switched from Depot to Lowes. They did say it was a nicer place to work but Lowes cut wages before the 90 day probationary period. Which is 100% legal in CA.

my two cents


unless you have some kind of expierience in a specialized trade i wouldnt expect to make that kind of money, my stepson worked at lowes for 3 weeks and quit, with no specialized skills they stuck him in the garden center and payed him around $10.00 an hour. I guess it depends on what makes you happy, on the up side the benefits kicked ass and if i remember correctly they offer alot of extra fringe benefits . he worked at the Boca Raton Lowes in FL.


For someone with no skills as you stated, $10 per hour is not a bad start. What is the minimun wage?


Hey Kevin,

I've worked at Lowe's in Pine Bluff and North Little Rock for a year and a half during school. Lowe's is a fantastic company to work for, especially in specialized areas such as kitchen and bath. I offer you some advice, check out Kraft-maid cabinets, and some of the other literature you can find in the store. Read this and take notes.

Also, check out the appliances, and get well versed on the many options they offer. In fact, research a lot of products- plumbing fixtures, millwork, lighting, etc. What helps when designing a kitchen, is to be able to tie in the other components, besides cabinets, and cabinet tops.

When I worked in fashion bath, I had a customer who was building a house, and was looking to order some fancy fixtures. I helped him find what he needed, and we ordered the parts. I also suggested coordinating toilet, sink, and other things, and he liked my ideas. In fact, he dropped $5000 on the spot for his bathroom. He later came back with his wife to discuss the kitchen, and I referred them to my buddy in Kitchen dept. That couple spent $30,000 on their complete kitchen- nice cabinetry, marble tops, stainless appliances, paint, trim, lighting. Think complete project, not just a single item. -The Starkdog