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Working at Gold's Gym


Does working at Gold's Gym (not as a personal trainer) give one a discounted or free membership? I realize it's a franchise, but I'm seeing if anyone has knowledge or experience. I'll probably be working at the desk in one this summer, as one of my odd jobs.


In general all gyms let its employees workout free of charge as they want you to be part of their image.

But trust me they come up with some weird rules for you to follow.


I work at Gold's Gym. It's a franchise, so the rules may be different for employees at each gym. At the gym I work at, they let us work out for free. Been pretty cool.


As far as I know free membership is a perk of working at any gym across the planet. I would be really surprised if it wasn't.


I used to and it was free. I made some friends there too. Made fun of the idiots training....pretty cool time.


Like what? "Don't fart on the stationary bike?"


No picking your nose then touching the equipment.


Yes, that would make sense.

Anything other rules of interest? I've been looking into working at a gym near me and wouldn't mind the heads-up.


Dude, Working at Gold's makes you realize you have hit rock bottom and need to get off the crack.

Unless you are in school, you should not be doing it unless you are high up the ladder.

And yes, employees get free membership. Consider a whopping $35.00 a month their appreciation for you getting ass raped and working there every month.

Sorry, but I think they really need to come back to where they came from, get rid of the juice bars, get some rusty bars, and pay their employees something beyond what is expected of your standard donkey corporate customer service environment.


WTF has become of GOLD's Gym?? Can you say corporate?



Are you talking about Gold's or all gyms in general?

Surely there must be hard-core, employee-friendly gyms out there just waiting to be discovered.


It just seems Gold's Gym has become so corporate. From juice bars, to Gold's Gym TV which plays god awful techno 24/7, they are like the Mcdonalds of gyms/health & Fitness.


The Gold's I lifted at in Boston was nothing like this. Lots of iron, lots of big, strong mofos, and they pretty much let you do what you want (chains, etc). Good place.


I wish this were true where I live. The last of the hardcore places in my area went tits-up in the late 90's.


That's the problem, the majority of gym members aren't harcore, hence the lack of decent gyms.

I've rejoined my local "fitness centre" lately, after a few years training in my garage, and I get to see that most people stopped training altogether, and the few that still train look exactly as they did two years ago.

As far as working at a gym goes, I thought the wages were similar to the hospitality industry, namely, crap.


I "worked" at a gym where you don't get paid - all you get is a free membership for volunteering 3 hours a week. Not too bad.

I don't really care whether a gym has a corporate atmosphere or not. Who cares about the juice bar? If I'm not going to drink from it, I don't care. As long as they have the equipment I need, and don't stop me from doing what I want to do, I'll be happy.


Yeah. Here's the stupid thing - I tried to get together a weight lifting class for women. The thing is, many women dropped out after the first week. I see them in the gym, doing the same quick partial reps on the same machines year after year, and I think, "Doing they ever wonder why they're not getting results?" So frustrating - but you can't focus on them; you have to focus on the people who work with you and see results.


I wonder the same thing. My mother has been "going to the gym" for over 20 years, and still not a single change in body composition.