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Working Around Pec Injury

I seem to have a pec strain that is giving me trouble, in fact I re-injured it today doing chin-ups of all things…Bench Press is out for now, as is a standard overhead press. Behind-The-Neck military press is fine, no pain. Should I do that 2x week or just do rows on BP day?

“Train what is trainable.”

What you can and cannot do is not for us to decide - we have no idea. So…

  • Find what you can do.
  • Do those things.

Don’t jump back into pressing again until you are healed. Let the bruised area heal and let the blood run “out” - I’m sure your pecs/stomach/obliques are turning a nasty black/bruised/yellowed color. Let that area heal and do what you can in the mean time. You get no points for getting back under the bar quicker - you get points for returning healthy.