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Working Around Back Pain!

I pulled a muscle in my lower back about 3 weeks ago. I have been sat at home recovering it. I went to the gym yesterday and did my workout and after the workout i felt that same pain again! I was told that sitting down is not a good idea, so i was doing small amount of cardio and stretching for one hour daily.

Now im backing in the gym and was thinking about working out around the back pain is this ok?

Also i wanted to ask does barbell rows effect your lower back?


As with any strain you should rest, ice, and do some light stretching. Don’t just work around the pain, take care of the problem not the symptoms. If you have low back pain I’m sure you will feel it when performing a barbell row.

See a doc thats knoweldgable about weight training populations and/or find a good chiro.
yes bb rows affect low back, stay away from them for a couple of months

dumbell bulgarian split squats

barbell hip thrusts (careful not to hyperextend your back)

glute-ham raises

you can get a decent lower body doing these, even with back pain.

Chest supported rows could work for u