Working Around an Injury

I need some advice.  Last week I was doing lockouts and I felt something in my wrist get tweaked.  I didn't think anything of it because it didn't hurt all that bad.  Then on Saturday at my softball game after my first At Bat it got much worse to the point where I left the game.  Now I have not benched since last Thursday when it happened any advice on Tricep and shoulder exercises to do while I let this heal.

if its still slightly bothering you by the time max eff bench rolls around take a rep day with dumbells…and then do assistant work that dosent hurt the wrist…bm

Go see a doctor and have him/her diagnose the condition; Do not train the hurt wrist until after your diagnosis. When you get the diagnosis post the results to this forum and I will help you design a rehab program (if serious condition, other than a sprain). Now on to your main question do not stop training, you can train the said muscles with any exercise that does not cause pain to the injured wrist. Another thing if you work your uninjured arm your biceps for example some of the strength gains would transfer to the uninjured arm this phenomena is now as cross-education, but to potentate (make more potent) this concept utilize eccentric actions in the uninjured limb. CT defined Cross-education as the transfer of strength gains from one limb/side to the other. Hope that helps Good luck.