Working Around an Injury (4 Weeks)

Hey guys, just got back from the hospital.
I was out training events today, and suffered an injury to my right hand. My ring finger is broken, and I have eleven stitches in my middle finger. My hand got pinned between to atlas stones, a 240 on top, and a 205 on the bottom, hurt like a bitch. My hand is wrapped up for a month. I had planned on doing my first strongman contest on august first, which I obviously won’t be attending.

So my question is, anyone ever do anything similar? How did you work around it? I plan on front squatting twice a week and doing any lower body I can during that time. Events are obviously out of the question, as is most pressing and upper body work. Should I give the smith machine ( gasp) a try? I’d rather not completely neglect my upper body this month.
Thanks for the help guys

Yes do anything you can. Smiths or machines it don’t matter, you can still get some serious work in.

Do a google search.

Train the other side of your body you still can as hard as you can. Safety squat bar would be a very good thing to have as well.

Good luck, heal up

You could use hooks for pulling exercises and machines for pressing. No you shouldn’t neglect upper body for an entire month.

I have a friend who trains his ass off and gets great results even though he lost pretty much everything below his left elbow when he was a kid, you can train hard with a bad hand just train smarter.

Maybe Phil will stop by for this one. I remember he tore his biceps tendon and had to have it reattached, and he trained hard and heavy during his recovery. I don’t think he took much, if any, time off at all.

injuries just make training more “interesting”.