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working around a strain

Anyone out there want to help me devise a plan that can help me work around an abdominal strain? I’m in the Hot-Rox challenge and do not want to back out early do to this injury. It is a bad enough strain I thought it was a hernia at first. I can see working around it with shoulders, arms, chest, and maybe back. But how the hell am I supposed to do legs, hip or quad dominant work? Deads, squats, cleans, even the iso-hammer press are out of the question. I was thinking I might have to do HIIT on a sitting bike and that would be all I could get away with. It might be enough to keep them full of blood and up to size since I get a great pump from 15 second sprints. Anyone else have to work around an injury like this? Goldberg I thought you ripped an ab up pretty bad if I remember correctly… any word on rehab work?