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Working around a major injury

I had major surgery Dec. 19 to reattach my tricep tendon. After feeling sorry for myself for a brief period and then getting off of my ass, I came to the conclusion that having only one usable appendage sucks! Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of a training program I can use with what I am limited to. I can really use the time, however, to cut bodyfat. (~16%).

Hey, Brian, you’re right. It would be a great time to focus on your dialing in your diet. I’d also use the rehab time to get some cardio in. If you hate cardio in general, take a look at HIIT. The sessions are shorter, sweeter (yeah, right!) and very intense. I do mine on StairMaster.

You could also focus on legs, abs and calves. And at a certain point in the healing process you may even be able to throw in some squats.

I’ve been in the same boat. There really isn’t anything you can do, but focus on lower body, diet and cardio.

Hang in there, Brian. This, too, shall pass!

Tampa-Terry, Thank you very much for the reply. It is very frustrating but you are 100% rignt, It will pass