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Working Around a Chaotic Schedule

My problem is this: the number of training days during a week varies A LOT. It may be as low as 3 and as high as 6.
What is the best approach to work around that? My focus is strength (mostly on my favorite lifts: squat [ATG, high-bar], push-press and power clean [from hang or blocks]).

I was thinking of using the layer workouts for this and just trying to squeeze as many squat/pull/push (in this priority) workouts during each week.
However, I’m not sure if such differences in weekly volume of work are acceptable. My question then: would it be beneficial to increase the daily volume (or overload) as the number of training days decreases?
I think the easiest way to do this would be to manage the amount of density work done each day OR adding/removing additional layers (like partial movements or positional strength layers or ramping one movement into the other, ie. front squat into back squat or clean into clean pull).

Am I on the right track with this or is there a better solution (maybe switching to full-body workouts when only 3-4 days are available)?