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Working Abs Everyday?


I read somewhere, once upon a time, that Abs are the only muscle group one can work on every day. Is that correct?


Yes.The muscle fibre make up of the core muscles have alot to do with it, apparently they recover quick. But, hey, look at gymnasts - they train everything almost every day & have the best physiques in the world. All depends on how you train and recovery I suspect, abs included. (but not the same ab exercise every day)


Hopefully this won't turn into another splits vs TBT debate, but the short answer is no.

I work chest and back every day, and continue to see good gains on my lifts.


I use do em everyday. Now just twice a week. I treat them like any other muscle, chest, back etc. 10mins- 15mins at the end of a session.

edit: assuming most people do spilt routine


So you wanna get abs? Post legit stats.


I don't mean to piss on your parade; but I believe your post is a bit mis-leading. In a recent post where you are listing last years progress- you only list machine stations(w/the exception of D.Bell Flat Press). Although a 'novice' lifter may be able to make gains w/repeated weekly body part training(do mostly to strenght limitations); once you graduate to 'intermediate' you will not be able to continue to do so.

Before you lay claim to something other than 'novice' status-based on years of training or other; allow me to point out that the definition of a 'novice' is a lifter that continues to make progress while training in such a fashion. You should be proud of the progress you have made; but remember the journey is a long one.


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Like I said, I don't want this to turn into yet another debate about the merits of splits vs. TBT. You will find more than a few intermediate/advanced lifters in the other threads on that topic that have seen good results from TBT.

You're right about the journey being a long one. I'm going on 7 years, and will keep pushing, and hopefully seeing progress, for as long as possible. I've done both splits and TBT, and will continue using both in the future.


I don't really see the merits in training any muscle everyday except maybe calves. If you hit them hard enough they will need some time to recover.

That being said I do like doing a few light sets of abs at the end of my sessions just to loosen up the lower back. I do these more for injury prevention than hypertrophy.


the more you fequency you train with the better at recovering your body will become. i squat twice a week, theres people who squat 4 times a week, then theres people who squat twice a day three times a week.

i dont see whats wrong in doing abs every day or every other day or what have you, same with calves.

i actually rarely train my abs but ive decided to change that and still have DOMS from training them like 3-4 days ago.


"Sufficient intensity" is the key word. You probably can train them every day and see results if you take it nice and slow.


i think most seasoned people would tell you to work any muscle as soon as its able to be worked again.


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thanks, its from a shirt i have.

even with sufficient intensity i think you can train more than once a week.

like i said earlier, if i can train my quads twice a week i can train my abs twice a week.


I prefer to train my with about 8 sets split up throughout the week.

Basically I train them every other day.

Ive never had a problem with recovery with them, but again I only do 8 sets every other day, so Im not really hitting them with much volume per workout, just often and very heavy.


Since when do gymnasts have the best physiques in the world? Having good lats and biceps alone does not win bodybuilding competitions.


lets not drum up THAT particular discussion.


You probably could train any muscle group every day if you kept the volume very low.


the question should be why would you want to train abs every day?


True. I train chest and back every day, but nothing else. I do abs twice/week and my core strength seems fine.