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Workin' When I PLEASE

In one of the T-Nation articles, there is a piece that shows different ways to get stronger. All of them were saying that you had to do more work total in order to gain strength.

My question is does that work JUST include being at the gym or could it be for that whole day? Here is an example for all of you out there who didn’t understand that: Lets say I am whaling on my chest on Friday. I go to my gym and I crank out a shitload of weight. When I get home,I decide I want to do a few sets of pushups. THen later that night I do some more pushups.
IS all that work totaled together?

You’re overthinking this stuff a little.

You do that and you’ll have Strength4life.

[quote]Travacolypse wrote:
You do that and you’ll have Strength4life.[/quote]

Don’t you mean Stength4life?