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Workin' on a Split

Hey yall I’m trying to make a split here and am worried about repeating muscle groups to soon. Check it out

Monday: Chest

Tues: Back

Wed: Legs (squat style)

Thurs: Shoulders and Triceps

Fri: Traps and Biceps

Sat: Legs (Deadlift style)

I work out in the evenings but I like to get up early and start my day with a light jog and on two days some HIIT. Is there enough time between everything?

I honestly don’t think splitting your body into 6 different days makes much sense, even for pure hypertrophy. Why would biceps and traps get their own day when they are a much smaller group than back? 6 days in a row in the weightroom without a break is too much for anybody. How about a push/pull/legs split or chest/back, legs, shoulders arms?

Try this one instead as suggestion

Mon - Chest
Tues - Back, traps, Bis
Wed - rest
Thurs - Legs (all types)
Fri - Shoulders and Triceps
Sat and Sun - Rest

If you just love training legs twice a week (not sure why on a once a week routine) then do some extra on the weekend light if you want.

That split works well and you can do it long term without overworking the small areas.

I really cannot see the purpose of training more than 5 days per week with weights, nor have I seen most successful bodybuilder do that these days. The biggest, most successful ones train 4 to 5 days per week. 6 days per week is vert difficult to recover from, even mentally and emotionally, to live up to the proper effort needed day in and day out. I’d lose my mind, and body!

And couple this with HIIT? That sounds crazy and I really do not know how you would survive such a schedule with a job or school and other obligations.

I think you should refer to CT’s Training Roadmap and How to Write a Damn Good Program articles.

If you want a split, do a 5 day
(1.Chest 2.Back 3.Legs 4.Delts 5.Arms)
OR a 4 day split with 1 - 2 full body days dependant on recovery, interest in frequency, time, whatever the fuck, some other stuff…

(1.Chest and Quads 2.Back and Hammies 3.Arms 4.Delts and traps) is a great split, i love it… plus add a full body day - Courtesy of T-Nation:

Horiz. Push(Superset)
Horiz. Pull(Superset)
Quad Dominant
Vertical Push(Superset)
Vertical Pull(Superset)
Hip Dominant

I use this full body often and its fucking rock hard… but good, there are ways to make it easier if you need to bitch.

Those are some shit-hot suggestions there bucky!!


Here I put something together here

Well I’d like to do this

Mon: Horizontal Push + triceps

Tues: Horizontal Pull + Biceps

Wed: Quad Dominant

Thurs: Vert Push

Fri: Vert. Pull

Sat: Hip Dominant

I am doing maybe 3 exercises a day 4 exercises with the + BLANK
days. Well, heres my dilemma, I want to squat Bench and Deadlift 1 a week. Is there a better way to do this?

I dont understand i dont think… if i do then bench Mon, squat Weds, Deadlift Sat…?

I think 6 in a row is a bit much for a natural(?) how bout compromise…!:

Mon-Chest and tri
Tue-Back and bi
Wed-off (or clean work or pure squat and Bench, or pure DL and Military…etc…or cardio…)
Thu-quad dom
Fri-Delts and lats
Sat-Hip dom

If i am concentrating on the big lifts i do:

MON:Heavy Squat, Med Bench, Light BB Row.
TUE:Heavy Military, Med Deadlift, Light Bench
THU:Heavy DL, Med BB Row, Light Military
FRI:Heavy Bench, Med squat, Light Deadlift

Maybe add a day of isolation if you feel it is necessary… its a nice old school strength program i love.


If you want to try a 6 day a week program I would say go ahead.

I have had great results with it just recently.

I am currently doing similar to your revised split:

Day 1: Pull (back and biceps)
Day 2: Push (Chest and Triceps)
Day 3: Legs (squat as main exercise)
Day 4: repeat day 1 with different exercises
Day 5: repeat day 2 with more shoulder orientated exercises
since my chest is a little ahead of the rest of me
Day 6: Legs (deads as main exercise)

Not saying that this is the split of champions, but I have been able to handle it without any problems and solid gains. I usually do 3-4 sets of 5-6 exercises with the upper body days, and 4-5 sets of 4-5 exercises with the lower body days.

Like I said, this may be too much volume for some, but I have built up a pretty good work capacity and feel like I am handling it well.

I think you could try your plan for a 3 to 4 weeks and see how your energy levels are and how your body feels.

I think I will but I will be doing less volume then you were just to be safe. I figure I’ll try it and then if it doesnt work go to one of the prescribed 4 day routines. One more question though, with this intensity should I just stick to daily steady state 20 minute jogs and forgo the HIIT?

If you are lifting with enough intensity I would strongly discourage any HIIT. Light cardio (and I do mean LIGHT) can be done, but if you are throwing in HIIT on top of 6 days of intense lifting, that will most likely be too much work in my opinion.

If you want to incorperate HIIT, I would use a 4 day split instead of 6.

if u were to do a 6 day program i would make sure you are varying your intensities to keep your recovery safe…for example…

Mon - Heavy Upper Push (1-6 reps)
Tues - Light Upper Pull (10-15 reps)
Wed - Heavy Lower body (1-6 reps)
Friday - Light Upper Push
Sat - Heavy upper pull
Sunday - Light Lower body

but even that will be taxing on your CNS and body…if ur doing six day workouts i hope ur eating a lot and taking supplements

that seems like way too much… maybe drop the hiit and just do some low intensity cardio

I take a protein supplement and then just vitamins and various fat supps. I like where this is going though, and I’ll think about the heavy light thing too. If I wanted to I could put both days together into one day and probably not have a problem, tough but still possible so I figured I’d just split them up and make the workouts easier but more frequent.