Work'em Silly Gators!

How 'bout them Gators! Once again, the Gators were underestimated and LSU paid the price! There is more to come this season from the Gators. They have the talent and the ability to win all (or nearly all) of their remaining games this season.

Another shoutout to my boys in Oklahoma for destroying Texas and of course, to my boys in Nebraska! Take it to Missouri!



UK had Florida beat till we threw the 4th quarter interception and we are close to worst in the SEC.

LSU just played like CRAP today.

Why dont you guys join the NFL pool I created at testosterone. Its in the off topic forum. Throw us some picks.


We had Miami beat until the fourth quarter comeback…so it doesn’t matter. A win is a win.

The Gators have the talent and the ability to win all of their games. It’s not the Coach’s fault (Zook is a good Coach, although, I disagree with some of Ed Z’s previous calls in the losses to Tenn and Mississippi). Other than that, it’s the players that need to step up, execute and make big plays when they are needed most!

GO SOONERS! That was awesome!

Damn! Nebraska let me down.

But hell yeah to Georgia for destroying Tenn. Now, if we can beat Ark. next week and Georgia after that, we’ll be looking damn good.

HA HA! I was actually in the gym last night during the Mizzou/Nebraska game, which is right next to a sports bar. From all the cheers I could hear through the walls I figured the Tigers were doing better than I expected. This is the first time Mizzou beat Nebraska since '78.


Are you an Okie? I couldn't believe it, 65-13. I watched the game with a group of about 20 people. There were about 5 of us that took a shot of Jager everytime OU scored (TD,FG, or safety). Needless to say, we were all wasted by the end of the game.

White was ridiculous, as was Mark Clayton. The OU defense bullied the Longhorns around all day long. I have to smile everytime Derrick Strait makes a play against the Horns because he is a native of Austin, Texas.

Nate Dogg,

Hell of a win by the Gators. They beat a good LSU team in their own back yard.


I was at the game in Baton Rouge and LSU just came out flat. I have to hand it to Florida. They usually have our number except for last year, which we beat them 36-7(or something like that). That’s all right all we have to do is beat Aurburn, Ole Miss, and Arkansas and we should be all right in our division.

I was at that damn OU Texas game left at half time due to discrace… WTF is a damn sooner and why don’t they have words to there fight Song.anyway now I know why all the sooners wanted FSU to win because they don’t want to play Miami for the Championship…anyway OU looks unstoppable this year again

Oh yeah Texas still has Ou beat 55 to 38 or something like that so its ok Mostly Texans on there team anyway and next year they loose 8 starters so I’ll be at the game again…Texas Fight

Yeah Nate but there is a big differnce between Miami and UK. The fact that you all are starting a true freshman at QB is really scary–for everyone else in the SEC. That guy is going to be awesome in the coming years.

But Nate UK still has you in basketball… :slight_smile:

Dustin, I am a former Okie and a former Sooner now living in Houston, which made that victory so much more fun!!!
Cuda,the fight song does have words.

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, OK-U!

Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, OK-U!

I’m a Sooner born,
And a Sooner bred,
And when I die
I’ll be Sooner dead!

Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma!
Rah, Oklahoma! OK-U!


"I was at that damn OU Texas..."

You poor bastard! :)

"WTF is a damn sooner and why don't they have words to there fight Song."

Kayrob answered the second question quite well. If my memory serves me, a "Boomer Sooner" was an individual during the Oklahoma land run who left the starting area before the signal was given to stake there claim for land. Hence the Sooner Schooner.

"now I know why all the sooners wanted FSU to win because they don't want to play Miami for the Championship"

Bring on the Co-Caines. I'm not sure that they'll make it through the season undefeated, however, I also said FSU would beat them. I guess we'll see.

"..anyway OU looks unstoppable this year again"


"Oh yeah Texas still has Ou beat 55 to 38 or something like that so its ok"

-National Titles-

Texas: 3

Oklahoma: 7

"Mostly Texans on there team anyway and next year they loose 8 starters so I'll be at the game again...Texas Fight"

Yes, there are many Texans on the Oklahoma team. What does that say about Austin or any other school in Texas for that matter? I guess the athletes recognize a winner. Trust me, OU will be good again next year. Besides, Mack Brown is still the coach. ;)


I was at the LSU game and thought that was the worst LSU has played since the early 90’s under now carpenter Curly Hallman. Florida does have talent, but there coaches suck bigtime. I used to love Spurrier, even though he would always beat our ass. But look at the facts, Zook used to coach for the Saints. The lamest team the NFL has. The tigers will win their division and possibly the conference. They only dropped back to 10th place. But how is this for stupid…Georgia moved up to 5th place, even though they have an identical record as LSU and were beaten by the tigers. WE NEED A PLAYOFF!!!

Beauzo, LSU lost to an unranked team. Georgia demolished a (at the time) top 15 team. By the way, the SEC is pretty much a playoff as it is, due to the fact that the teams knock each other out of the conference race. Georgia has been playing all season with three or four starters out with injuries and still has the best team in the SEC. Yes, LSU beat them, but barely, and if you watched that game it is safe to say that Georgia had several opportunities to win and just shot themselves in the foot. Don’t worry, they may end up playing again in Atlanta.

Jason L…Beating AU and ARK isn’t going to be as easy as you make it sound.

Thats funny seems like the OU fans are o dumb to remeber the fight song or is it that the song sucks so bad who would want to sing it all the could do was clap there hands like a bunch of moronss…Not to menchion most looked like fat dumb ass inbreeds anyway.
Yeah Ou has an awsome team …Unstoppable but I have to route fore Texas whan it comes down to it even if there team is Sub-Par can’t be a band wagoner…

Basketball? What’s basketball? LOL! Tootall, you can beat us in basketball all you want. I hate basketball and don’t care if we win or lose!

I’m all about college football! My one and only love (for sports).

Any team can beat any other team on any given day. So you never know what’s going to happen in the NCAA or in the SEC.

LSU came off a big win and then lost to Florida. You see that happening all the time.

Who knows what’s going to happen now. It could be Georgia or Florida going to the SEC East versus LSU, Auburn or even Ark in the West.

I love college football.

Nate, I agree, I love college football.
Cuda, when was the last time you went to ANY football game without seeing a bunch of fat ass drunks?
Also, go Coogs! U of Houston is 5-1!!

KayRob good point…Hey I am guessing you are in Houston…I think you may have said that what part of town…I am in the Spring area but work on 59 south.

Is DocT going to join in this post?