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Workaholics (Comedy Central)


Is anyone else digging the new show Workaholics on Comedy Central? I think it's pretty hilarious lol. New episode on tonight.


LOL. Those scientists better check their hypotenuse.


Haha, yeah my roommates and I quote that one a lot.

"Catherine Zeeta Jones. She dips beneath the lasers. Oooohh" That was my Facebook status a few days ago if you saw haha


Hahaha, I definitely need to check this show out.

Yeah I saw, but was like "wtf?"


Yeah I figured a lot of people saw that so I just "re-statused" it with the video lol.




Shit is wonderful, but it is quite derivative of The League.
Only with 20 somethings instead of 30 somethings.


From what I've saw so far, it has it's moments and seems quite hilarious. I get the feeling that it'll be cancelled prematurely and go on to have a massive cult following.


I don't know, I think it may last for a little while. But maybe something will happen like what happened to Freaks and Geeks. That show was awesome but only got one season.


I just find Comedy Central occasionally will burn through shows depending on what's "hot" in the comedy world. I'm still surprised to this day that Reno 911 lasted as long as it did and I consider it to be one of the greatest comedy shows of all time.


I just watched a full episode with the Bieber Pedo guy yesterday...EFFING HILLARIOUS.

Those guys really wanted to go to the Penthouse Penthouse


I was gonna make a thread but too lazy... Regardless this show is fucken AWESOME, CATHERINE ZETA JONES SHEE DEEPS BENEATH THE LAZORS OHH WHOOOOAAAA OOHHH.

It also got renewed for second season which im stoked about.


The episode where they go to the Gathering of the Juggalos and the one where they party with their boss's down syndrome brother are both HIGH quality.

I love that this show comes on after South Park, too. Good TV night.


x2, that was hilarious




Bear coat episode has been my favorite, followed by the juggalo episode, and boss's brother episode.


I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard from this. My girlfriend was just shaking her head in disbelief that I could have found that line that funny.


So those who have watched the show for a couple of episodes have seen Adam's desk(the guy who sings catherine zeta jones song) know that he has a bunch of BB pictures in his work area with his face on them and stuff.

In the "Straight Up Juggahoe" episode hes talking to that fat girl and shes like I bet you workout and be a meathead and Adam was like "Im just a lat guy in a ab guy world."

That shit was the funniest line i have ever heard referencing to Bodybuilding, fucken golden.


You don't think that I could be an ISP supervisor?


Haha yeah I got a good laugh out of that, and my roommates commented on how they figured I would because they label me as the meathead in the house lol. I thought I saw some bodybuilding pictures in there office, they make a lot of jokes about being fit and working out haha. I think in one of the cut shots before the commercial break there was a brief view of some tub of protein on their desk lol.

Scheduled for season 2?! NICE!!