Work + Study ?

This is way off topic but perhaps there are other meatheads out there who know how to switch on a PC too!

I’m currently employed as an IT Consultant - good job, good pay, interesting work (between contracts not so good). Graduated uni Jan this year.

I’ve enrolled in uni again starting next year and will be studying externally. I’ve enrolled in a Juris Doctor program (post-grad law degree).

My heart is not in the techo-nerd side of things right now and my grand plan is to get into IT Law. That said I do know a decent amount of techo-nerd stuff to work in the IT industry until then.

I like to think I can handle part-time uni and full-time work but lately my current job is becoming more stressful. I’m no longer the graduate kid and am having to take on more and more work.

So I’ve been thinking and wondering if any one has opinions or advice on the following:

  1. Anyone know of any good work-from-home jobs for IT nerds? I’m thinking of taking a pay cut and doing some part-time work to see me through my studies.
  2. Would it be cool to be a Postie?! (I like riding motorbikes and figure I could get paid to do that)

If only I had lots of cash and didn’t have to work…

I just read what I typed out. I’m a wanker. I know what is going to be said.

“Suck it up. You want to work and study? Then do it and stop bitching.”

Feels good to write this shit down though.

Still gonna hit the submit button and make the post.

Good luck with whatever you do. I just graduated with a law and justice degree and was thinking about going to law school. Till everyone I spoke to basically said I would have to quit work because it is so much study work in itself. I didn’t want the debt along with the work for something I wasn’t 100% behind.

Law is pretty full-on in terms of study hours, so I would honestly reconsider the idea of full-time work and look at something with shorter hours. I’m a uni student (BSc, not law) and I found that even a part-time job impacted on my grades. They were about 5-10% points higher when my work hours were low.

I don’t know what it is like in your part of Aus, but in WA there are around 500 law graduates each year and only around 100 actual law placements. Scoring consistently high marks and doing well in work placement is a neccesity for getting a good job at the end of it. Having said that, it is entirely possible to work part time and study full time and still do well, especially in the early years.

Are you ineligible for AUSTUDY? I’ve decided to cut my work hours down to one shift and just use AUSTUDY/YOUTH ALLOWANCE when I go back to full time study next year. Might be worth looking into.

Drop a few flyers in shopping centres offering computer diagnostics/building services. You can pick up many cash jobs (important for AUSTUDY) and even some legit business contracts. A mate had so much trade that he quit his other part-time job and ahd to turn people away. Might bore you to tears though, but it pays.

Nope. I am not eligible for any AUSTUDY or Youth Allowance. The course is post-grad and you dont get anything for post-grad courses.

I’ll be doing the course part-time. So we’ll see how I go with work/study load. I could drop work and live @ home with the parents but that would be lame!

I was completing my IT degree and working full-time as well so I know what I’m in for.

I have acutally just thought of a plan where I take a pay cut and get a cushy government IT job. That would take away some stress. Just saw one yesterday.

Tough decision this one. Go backwards in my IT career to enable law study? Hmmmm… Got to think about that…

As for the job placement after graduating I’m hoping having both a Bachelor of IT and a fancy Juris Doctor (not to mention I’m a charming bastard) would see me into the job I want. :slight_smile:

I’m in Brisbane. In WA I would think jobs would be even easier with the economic boom you guys are in? Jobs are easy as shit to get at the moment or am I just naive?


No one has commented on being a postie?

I really thought this was thinking outside of the box.

It’s a serious option!