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Work/School & Pills


Last week I was at school, I have my cooler to keep my Protein shakes in. I put it in my locker and at lunch (I have a shake after 3 hours after lunch in school with my fish oil and vitamin tablets) I go to my locker and take out my pills so I can them with my lunch. I took the pills and then a teacher came up to me and told me to spit the pills out, which I then couldn't, since I swallowed them.

She told me that I could not take pills, I told her that they were fish oil and vitamins and they were fine. The lady then took me up to the office. The Principal is a good friend and then proceded to let me go finish me meal and told me to keep the pill taking confidential so that teachers didn't think I was taking steroids.

Some of the teachers have said stuff about me on steroids since I just happen to be big (naturally without lifting weights I got most of my size right now) and cut. One of the teachers has taken my side, one of the fit ones. They have said things about him also.

I really don't care I think it's funny they can test me of anything they want any time they want, within reason.

My question is anyone have any problems with pills at work or school?

(Note: What are some vitamins I should take for good health I have yet to find a good list or even a list at all really, most things tell you how to eat. I have that down I need the vitamins, all I take is Vitamin E or C or something like that.


In Texas you wouldn't be allowed to take the pills unless you gave them to the nurse with a note from your mommy saying you were allowed to go take them at a given time.

The school is just covering their ass. You know your parents would not hesitate to sue the shit out of the school if you took a hand full of goofballs and killed over in the hall.


damn, its august 22nd and your in school? that blows.


What's happening at your school is bullshit, but society is on a roid witch-hunt now, so maybe you need to change what you're doing. Either 1) take your supplements at home and eat real food(and protein powder) at school, or 2) make your pill taking very transparent. By that, I mean take the whole bottle of vitamins with you, take out the vitamins in a visible place such as the cafeteria or your classroom, and take them in front of people, where they can very obviously read the label on your bottles.


Yeah today got asked by a teacher what I take...I was stunned at first I didn't even relise what he was talking about. I thought he was talking about drugs and I said I don't smoke anything. He said no what do you inject and I told him that if I was on gear I wouldn't be so small. My school is strange bunch of haters that think that the football team is on stuff. Some of them have but don't anymore. I just now go to the bathroom during lunch and do it. Haven't had anymore problems and the teachers don't go into the bathrooms even for a fight, unless someones seriously hurt.

My dad wouldn't do that, if he found out that I did something dumb like that he'd kick my ass after I was dead.


My high school no one cared what you were taking as long as there wasn't any smoke, but nowadays there is a steroid witch-hunt going on


I was grabbed by the neck and slammed against my locker by some geriatric teacher who thought my bottle of water was vodka. If it happened now he would be a geriatric eunuch fighting a gigantic lawsuit.


This kind of abuse reminds me of the idiot teacher that made my brother's broken arm worse. My brother had broke his arm, he didn't know it, the guy grabs his fingers and shakes my bro's arm up and down and says: "Does this hurt?"

That guy was a fuctard waste of space and got fired eventually.


The best vitamins are a chewable children's multi-vitamin/mineral. Break it in half, chew one-half with breakfast and the other half with dinner. And your pill-popping will be at home, not school.