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Work Quantity Question


I am 32 y/o Male 6'1" 195 lbs. 15% BF.

I currently do the following routine 3 day a week Mon,Wed and Fri. And nothing on the days in between or the weekends, with the exception of an occasional long (6 mi.) run on Saturday.

Floor Crunches - 12-15 Reps x3
Bench Press - 8-12 Reps 160x2
Dumbbell Flyes - 8-12 Reps 35x2
Lat Pull-downs - 8-12 Reps 150x2
Cable Rows - 8-12 Reps 150x2
Shoulder Press - 8-12 Reps 75x3
Barbell Curls - 8-12 Reps 70x3
Tricep Pushdowns - 8-12 Reps 140x3
Squats - 8-12 Reps 245x2
Leg Extensions - 8-12 Reps 80x2
Leg Curls - 12-15 Reps 65x2
Calf Raises - 12-15 Reps 225x3

My question is. Should I be doing more? Or should I do anything differently? I pretty much follow this routine increasing the weight once I hit the max reps. My goals are to gain some (15 - 30 lbs.) of muscle and then cut back my bodyfat % to like 10% - 12%.


There are several articles on your subject, but you could vary the weight and reps. I would also change exercises all the time


Your quantity seems fine I would have to see how much you put into it. I do less quantity wise than you are doing. I do heavier weights and lower reps mostly. But on occasion I will blow out a real light workout


What do you eat?

You won't gain 30lbs of muscle in 10 years with this workout and the wrong foods. It's not a bad workout if these lifts are near failure after your 2-3 sets with incremental increases accordingly. Hopefully you mess up the rotation accordingly at the very least.

But it takes food to build muscle. Food and stress. You have to continually stress the muscle then support repair and growth with proper nutrition.


Today's training tip applies to you

As far as what you're doing, I would ditch the pulldowns and pressdowns and substitute pull/chin ups and dips. Seems like you're lacking working on your back. Work in some deadlifts, cleans, (non cable) rows, rack pulls, etc.


I'm not very strict on diet... Not as strict as I should be I guess. I never measure the ammounts of food, but if I were to guess at ammounts.

1 bowl of oatmeal
1 apple
and a few slices of turkey cold cuts

Post workout protien shake

2 cans of tuna
1 orange
1 bananna

Sometimes another protien shake for a snack and sometimes a couple peanutbutter sandwiches

Hamburger/Chicken helper
Vegetable of some sort about 1 cup
1 apple

Late snack
Usually PB&J sandwiches


this is a fairly easy question to answer.... just look at your results.

Are you getting stronger and gaining weight?

If your answer is yes and yes your doing allright.

If your answer is yes and no I would first look at your diet.

if your answer is no and no I would look at the training and diet articles and educate yourself.


I'm actually close to you in stats, but am changing quickly so I'll offer some advice. First your routine looks pretty mundane. From the weight amounts listed it looks like most of your exercises are isolated type. You need to integrate more compound lifts, i.e. deads, cleans, and the other ones everyone else listed.

You diet is also key, especially if you want to gain 15-30 lbs (big goal). It will take a long time to gain that, so be prepared. I suggest you shoot for smaller more attainable goals, say 5-10 lbs, then cut. Don't go for that long of a bulk until you are more experienced with the weights, i.e. some of your numbers are way low for weight and why only 2 sets of each? Mix it up a little.


Too much tuna

The amount of canned tuna that is safe to eat each week should be based on body weight: (Source: Fish Facts for Good Health, publication of the Washington Department of Health )

25 lbs - 1 tablespoon.
50 lbs - 2 oz.
75 lbs - 3 oz.
100 lbs - 5 oz.
125 lbs - 6 oz.
150 lbs - 8 oz.
175 lbs - 9 oz.
200 lbs - 10 oz.

Source: Fish Facts for Good Health, publication of the Washington Department of Health.



Thanks for the advice, I am getting ready to begin a new program and I will be sure to incorporate the compound lifts. I intend for the program to be 75% compound lifts and the remainder to be single joint lifts. I am also looking at using a Westside style of periodization (5 weeks hypertrophy, 4 weeks strength and 2 weeks power). I will post what I come up with later this week.


I didn't know that about tuna. Thank you I will definately cut back on the fishies. Maybe chicken to replace...


This looks like a cutting diet - i'm guessing that is around 2500kcals tops!

Eat more.


Also, I'd swap-out the late-night PB&J sandwich with another pre-bedtime protein shake. Preferably one with lots of casein Protein. Strait peanut butter, (i.e. fat, protein and fiber) is good for nighttime recovery. Carbs (from the bread and the jelly/jam) pre-bedtime tend to get stored rather than burned.

Also, make sure you're eating 'natural' peanut butter, i.e. one without added Hydrogenated oils or sugars of any sort. The only ingredient should be peanuts.


I'm going to start next week with ABBH I.


That's a decent workout, but you should rotate your exercises.

Don't allways start out with chest, but also with back or legs.


Would you reccomend rotating every week or every month?