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Work Place Drug Test and Testogel and Top Up Testosterone Prop

I have a question with regards to workplace drug testing. My employers do random drug tests and have just recently updated their policy to include steroids on the list of banned substances.

The test i belief is a urine sample with initial test and then gamma spec if any drugs detected to confirm. Will elevated testosterone levels be detected in the initial urine dip test?

Also if the sample is sent for gamma spec, will the topping up of my prescription (5 pumps a day) of testogel with testosterone propianate, 20mg per day subcutaneous be differentiated from the markers of testogel? Or will the gamma spec just show Test/epitest ratio elevated ?
That is, would the markers for testogel differ from that of testosterone propianate?

Would 100mg Test prop / week in addition to the testogel push me into supra-physiological doses indicating abuse of prescription if gamma spec performed?

I just need advice on this as i don’t want my employers knowing what is a private medical condition which causes me great anxiety, as they will let it get public to my colleagues.

Urine tests don’t always just test for drugs or steroids, they mostly test for drug and steroid metabolites. If you take exogenous test, you will excrete metabolites. If you take diuretics, beta blockers, they’ll probably test for that too. You can’t just take a little bit of steroids and pass the test. If they weren’t testing for steroids you’d be fine with a urine test, but it’s a bit silly to ask if your employer will detect the steroids you use in the steroid test they give you.

They will find whatever they are looking for, but they have to be looking for it. For example, if they are testing for marijuana, they won’t find cocaine.

Steroid testing is very sophisticated these days, but that is what is used for athletics. I am quite familiar with what the IOC, WADA and the USOC and USADA do, and it is very expensive. I doubt employers would go to this extent for steroids in looking for the more exotic steroids. It is also my understanding that when it comes to urine dipstick analysis high levels of testosterone would be required to pop positive. For weightlifting, samples go straight to the mass spectrometer.

You should be fine, but if they call it out, you have a prescription and it is legal. You are not abusing it, taking 800mg a week, etc. What is their policy regarding ADHD, ADD and pain medications? Many work while using these.

So flappinit a prescribed dose of testogel ( steroids) and a small top up of test prop will fail a workplace drug test. (10 panel)?

I think you’re the one being silly. I can understand if the urine was sent for GS/LC testing then metabolites would be detected but from a dip test i’m not so sure. Besides the dose is a little more than what is produced naturally.

Highpull, medication for pain…prescribed is okay tramadol, codeine etc.

I thought dip tests don’t detect testosterone levels only further lab work offsite which would be GS/LC to detect the actual metabolites to confirm the initial failure cup test…whether that be THC or opiates etc.

If i test positive for steroids (testogel and small addition of test prop) i will have to show them my prescription, i just hope my levels aren’t too high.
I thought the ratio of Test to epitestorone had be in excessive of 6:1 to pop and this is as far as the identification goes with the gamma spec or LC i.e. no distinguishing between testogel or test prop both exogenous.

Correct, it is my understanding the UA will detect the presence of test, but not how much, and there needs to be a lot before it will be detected. USADA goes straight to mass spectrometry for that reason.

Shouldn’t be. The timing of the test could be an issue with injections.

Yes, for WADA and USADA. I personally know guys who beat the test because of the 6:1 ratio, which used to be 10:1 by the way. Dosing and timing is key, we metabolize test differently and what puts me over may not for you.

Correct again, test is test, once the ester is removed it is the same. It’s the epitestosterone they need to prove exogenous use.

This is why I think you’ll be OK. Health reasons vs recreational use. I know a lot of cops on testosterone. The departments do not test for it. In fact, it’s quietly encouraged, performance enhancement, job performance. They frown upon obtaining it illegally, however.

Thanks for the response Highpull.

I didn’t realize the 10 panel test (urine dip at work place) would detect high testosterone.

I thought if they did a GS/LC test (offsite lab) this is where it would be detected (metabolites). So basically if anything triggered a false positive (ephedrine cough medicines) or positive (say codeine) this would prompt the sample for further confirmation tests (offsite lab) where the GS would spot the metabolites for testosterone.

If this did occur i would argue the levels represent my prescribed dose. (although a little bit added ontop).

And nobody would ever be able to prove otherwise unless you’re way off the charts. Does your employer know that you’re on rx testosterone? Are they aware that you will likely fail this test? Because it may be easier to iron out those details now vs after you fail a test and the questions they ask become more accusatory.

Generally there is a portion of your form that you fill out where you document how much Testosterone you are on (along with any other drugs you take). You list the fact that you take it for Hormone Replacement Therapy. After that, they really don’t screen for it, or they don’t “flag” it in the report your employer gets… (this is my general understanding as a layperson) generally.

There is that whole HIPPA thing.

Certain occupations / Federal Agencies may be exempt from some of these requirements, however, your Employer cannot force you to disclose personal information about an illness or condition unless it could diametrically cause injury or death of yourself, co-workers or the general public. So if your #'s jive with that you disclosed, your good to go. And no, they likely won’t ask you for a copy of your script. But they may want the name of the Dr. treating you.

My wife was a State employee and they used to screen her, and she was regularly on perscribed narcotics for serious back pain. (at that time from a horrid car accident) and they told her to disclose it and dose etc… nobody ever said boo. But people did get fired left and right for drugs in her workplace (illegal narcotic abuse-- like oxy etc…). The women used to gossip about it constantly.

Just my 2 cents.


They will ask what are you prescribed to before the test. As long as you state you are prescribed T there won’t be any red flags. If you are really worried get someone to piss in a contact solution container and put a head band around your thigh and use that to secure it. It will keep it at body temperature and the contact solution container will sound like you are pissing when you squeeze it. Since it’s on your thigh it’ll look like you are pissing. *(from the show Euphoria, good show)

10 panel test do not test for steroids. Even the 12 panel test don’t or high testosterone levels.

Further more lab test gc/ls won’t detect steroids UNLESS they are specifically testing for the presence of steroids. I have taken numerous urine dip stick test and have been subjected to numerous gs/ls lab test thru redwood labs that never showed any sign of steroid use.

Altho i will add clen and some fat burners and old pre workouts with dmaa and shit like that will give false positives. Along with a laundry list of OTC medications and some anti depressants

I would rather not tell them dextermorgan. I feel it’s my business. Another guy at work told them he was on codeine for a bad back showed prescription. He tested positive so they sent his sample of for GC confirmation analysis. Cheeky barstewards.

I’d rather not tell them just want to see is the 10 panel pops then need to tell them then i suppose.As they send sample for Gc test to confirm. Not sure if a 10/12 panel test would pop for testosterone anyways. It’s the GC i think that detects the Test: Epi ratio.

That’s correct. And it only detects it if it’s specifically requested. It’s not like they just put liss in a machine and it tells them everything that’s in it the work place or place requesting test has to mark what they want tested. Furthermore steroid testing is not cheap. Google redwood labs in California there is a completely different section for testing then all other drugs

Zeek thats re assuring to know.
But will the Gas chromatography test not show a high Testosterone; Epitestosterone ratio? I suppose if they decided to check further after a false positive for example then this would pop, as steriods listed as one of the drugs banned in the work place.

Not if it’s not being tested for. I showed a false positive for amphetamine from cold medicine and was using much more then just testosterone when they sent it for confirmation and the people testing me are the feds so I doubt whatever work place your testing for is going to spend the extra money to check for steroids for a narcotics false positive

Hipaa protects you from that kind of stuff. The person you are telling your prescription to would be the poison from whatever company doing the tests. They can’t tell your employer that you are prescribed something. I had a drug test about 15 years ago and I told them I was prescribed hydrocodone because it was a random test. Anyways I wasn’t actually prescribed and they never asked for the prescription. I “passed” and I’m assuming it’s because they thought I was prescribed. Hipaa may even keep them from being able to ask for proof of prescription but I’m not sure on that one.

That said I seriously doubt they are testing for steroids unless you are in some field that it would really matter.