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Work Out Routine While Bulking

Hi all,
Been reading T-Nation and gaining a lot of knowledge for a while now, although this is my first post. I’m about 5’11", 185lbs. been lifting on and off for probably 4-5 years. Mostly off, work out for 2-3 months straight, get some nice strength gains and then take 6 months off.

I have gotten refocused recently and because of some changes in my life, I now have the means and opportunity to work out consistently and the way I would like to. Been at it for about a month and a half now. Some numbers are bench aprox 275, squat aprox 315, haven’t maxed on any of the deadlifts because its new for me so i’m still going a little light working on my form.

My question is, I would like to put on a good 15-20 lbs, and I know one thing I need to do is eat, eat, and eat some more which i’m doing, but what is a good routine to follow while bulking…

Thanks for any and all input

I’d had similar lifting experience, and mostly in the 8-15 rep range. That said, this program blew me up something serious and increased my strength along the way. I did this program for 12 weeks, which is way longer than I generally do a program, but it kept working. I rarely reached failure, and would take 60-70 seconds of rest between each set. I used the same weight for each set, and would increse the load when it felt like I could. I also did the exercises in this exact sequence. If nothing else, maybe you’ll get some ideas. Here it goes…

Monday (5x5, straight sets)
-Barbell back squat
-Barbell stiff-leg deadlift
-Flat dumbell bench press
-Wide-grip seated cable row
-Incline barbell bench press
-Wide-pronated grip pullups
-Hanging pike

Wednesday (3x10-12, start supersetting after single-leg squats and overhead press)
-Single-leg DB squat
-Seated DB overhead press
-Weighted dips
-Alternating DB bicep curls
-DB rear delt flies
-Low pulley cable flies on a flat bench
-Swiss ball low back extension
-Weighted crunches with knees bent

Friday or Saturday (back to Monday parameters)
-Flat BB bench press
-Semi-supinated grip seated cable row
-Incline DB bench press
-Hanging knee raises w/DB between ankles
-Back extensions w/45 lb. plate and 3 sec. isometric pause at peak contraction
-Heavy as hell leg presses

Generally, my idea on Mondays and Fridays was training horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull, quad-dominant, hip-dominant, and abs. Wednesday was to isolate the muscles a little, cover a couple of my favorite exercises I wasn’t doing on Monday or Friday, and not beat the shit out of my body to the degree that 5x5 does. In twelve weeks, using nothing more than creatine and a lot of food, I put on at least 20 pounds. Definitely not all lean mass, but other members and staff at the gym I worked at thought I was using steroids. Whatever you end up doing, best of luck!

VERY general but honestly you should have the same successful workouts be it cutting or bulking. Just vwhen bulking you have the ebility to rampo the volume a bit due to the anabolic healing effect of excess food.

So keep lifting heavy all the time and adjust volume to your goals.