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Work Out Hell

Hey all, I’m new to T-Nation and I thought I’d introduce myself with a joke:

A man dies and sent to hell. A hellish imp gives him the grand tour and shows him to his quarters, a bunker with three rooms. The first room is full of people standing on their toes with water up to their noses. The second room is full of people knee deep in piss. In the final room, the people are standing in an ankle deep layer of shit.

The man turns to the imp and requests that he be able to stay in third room. The imp nods and vanishes. The man momentarily reflects on his decision and then assures himself that it was the correct choice. The man heads over to introduce himself to his new fallen comrades, when Satan barges into the room and yells, “Ok ladies, break’s over; move this shit and let’s get back to those lunges!”

Fuck me I hate those things.

I don’t get it. Do lunges make you shit your pants? They don’t do that to me…

no, he’s saying lunges are so bad that standing ankle deep in poopy is better than doing lunges.

lol. oh ok. I was going to say that he might be doing them wrong.

I love lunges. I’m still sore from the lunges I did Thursday night.

Well, at least it’s Satan and not Mike Mentzer.

If I tell that joke, I think I’d substitute push-ups for lunges.

[quote]TShaw wrote:
If I tell that joke, I think I’d substitute push-ups for lunges.[/quote]

If I tell that joke I think someone needs to punch me.

I feel I must dissect and kill this frog, as the joke’s foundation apparently isn’t as widespread as I had imagined. This joke is a new variation to an old one, with the original having Satan bark “Ok, break’s over. Everyone on their head”, implying that their heads were to be eternally buried in shit. Since I’d gladly bury my head in shit to avoid doing lunges for the rest of my existence, and I imagine that others here would make the same trade, I drolly swapped the lines to magnify the punishment. The joke was designed so that the reader would recognize it at first but then be caught off guard by the new, mild punchline, culminating in a brief chuckle.

It would have been a success, granted I had heard the original. Anyway, welcome. Try not to shit your pants when lunging.

Lunges rule titty

Lunges are hell. I don’t understand how squats are easier (and arguably more productive) because they use more muscle groups. What makes lunges so hard?

[quote]DSmolken wrote:
Well, at least it’s Satan and not Mike Mentzer.[/quote]

HA! Ten times funnier than the original joke.

Note to the OP:

Don’t quit your day job.

Ladies wearing white t-shirts (and nothing under the t-shirt) can do wonders for one’s mood.

[quote]Irish Muscle wrote:
OP you look like your a prisoner.

that shirt your wearin is a give away.[/quote]

Man, that is spot on! OP, where you ‘in’?

[quote]tveddy wrote:
TShaw wrote:
If I tell that joke, I think I’d substitute push-ups for lunges.

If I tell that joke I think someone needs to punch me.[/quote]

Now that’s funny right there!

I found it mildly humerous.
Any humour is a good thing. Not enough of it around.

Just think… if you had to do lunges for the rest of your existence you’d have some amazingly developed legs and awesome work capacity to go along…and instead you’d rather have your head in shit allday?.. weird