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Work Out Every Day or Not?


I was just wondering what a good workout plan should be, especially for upper body. I’ve been working my upper body every other day, but feel everyday may be more effective. Would this be wise or would this just stall muscle growth?


train hard each day…as hard as you can…
-upperbody day 1
-lowerbody day 2
-rest(or light cardio and stuff)
-upperbody day 4
-upperbody day 5

or go for the fullbody 3 day a week workout.

i tryed going full body all week once…after the first 3 weeks i was burned out all the time.

Chad teaches us that you can increase your work capacity. But what does he know? ,-)

Also, you shouldn’t ignore your legs. The body can only support so much assymetrie.

Pretty vague question. But as a rule you can work your upper body every day…it all depends on what kind of split you’re doing. Working chest everyday would be counter productive…but if you do a good split throughout the week you’ll see some progress.

Give us some detail as to what your plan is. And please tell us legs are included in there somewhere?