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Work Issues...


So I am underemployed at the moment. I work as a Server at Tex-Mex Restaurant, it is actually quite lucrative. Because of the price of the food and speed it comes out, in about 6 hrs of work I can ring 70$ to a bill in tips depending on luck. I go to school fulltime so while this doesnt seem like a lot of money, its really not a bad gig.

Anyways, I was cool with the old manager (the one who hired me), a part time manager, who is 25% stake owner in the enterprise, and I have a really good relationship with a 38 yr old super high strung ocd manager, who basically keeps the place spotless but is a really fair and direct guy.

Unfortunately, the old manager, got fired, and was replaced with this 110 lb Ethiopian bipedal worm. I've treated this man with respect but at every corner, he tries to find some error in my game, with no way to solve it.

When he first came, I had been wearing a black apron which I provided myself as the restaurant said they didn't have any on hand. After 2 months working there, he decides to take an issue with something noone else had an issue with. I told him, I'd gladly swap the Apron, if he had the corporate brand one on hand, otherwise I couldn't because I need the apron to do my job (my job is carrying shit from kitchen to table, wtf do you want me to do, ditich it?). Anyways, he never got the new apron, but continued to press the issue, and told me I could not wear it again. Well needless to say, I checked 2 days before my next shift was on, no apron. I called the other stores of our franchise, noone had any. So I called the management office and the 75% stake owner, who the Ethiopian GM is directly accountable to. Explained to him the situation, not in a whiny way, but basically explained I was willing to drive 40 mins to where he was at to get my own apron and pay for it if need be.

The new GM took offense to this, next time I came in, he gave me this speech about. "YOU WILL WAIT TILL I GIVE YOU, UNDERSTAND. YOU WILL NOT TALK TO OWNER!" I basically responded that if I am not given a choice, I will take personal responsibility in remedying a situaiton, and that this is America and I am free to speak to whoever I want.

Long story short, this douche doesn't like me, and I don't like him. The other managers made me aware he has reinitiated an evaluation on all new servers, under 3 months there. One of whom is me, and that I need to do the following things to kick my game up that htey can see. Just little shit, basically do sidework at end of night faster, and learn all the tables on patio.

I never have problems except when I'm on that douche's shift, what should I do to win over some fucker I do not like, respect, and appears to be unreasonable? Some advice would help.


Try hitting her...err him oops wait wrong forum.


Unfortunately, you'll come across similar and MUCH worse bullshit in the future, so i'd say that other than doing what he tells you do and fake a good attitude, there's really nothing else you can do. This way, you're not giving them a reason to fire you.

Many people who are put in management positions feel the need to exert their power to justify their existance. Personally, I think there's better ways to do it, other than being abrasive.

If you don't care about this job, then do whatever you want.


Unfourtunately that is laboral life. Most of the time, so man up, get used to it. And when you become a manager or something similar just remember how you hated this guy and try not to be like him.


Do it their way if you need the job, and know that this is a stepping stone for you, and the the pinnacle of their careers. Throughout college I worked for one restaurant, but under several different managers. Most of them were losers on power trips. And I bet they are still restaurant managers today - 20 years later.


Sounds like somebody needs a Southern wake up call. All you need is a piece of good rope, a high powered and lifted truck (preferably a Super Duty) and a good beating stick. I'm a fan of the long solid hickory sledgehammer handles you can buy at Home Depot. You call his ass out, destroy his knees with your beating stick, then you....Naww, seriously now. Welcome to the workforce dood. It sucks being the low man on the totem pole.

What I would do is continue to go over his ass and suck up to the owner and express your appreciation for your employment. Owners like employees that give two fucks about their job. As for the turd you have to deal with, do you job and make it strictly business. Do what he says and outperform the motherfucker. Everytime he talks to you picture him wearing one of those rainbow afros while he scolds you. Do what he says, make alliances, and play the victim to the owner if he starts stirring the shit.


Protect yourself and keep a detailed log. I have seen similar problems where Immagrant get management jobs. They make life hell for all employees, usually one at a time and replace them with friends. Document everything it could pay off in the future.

Become extremely friendly with all regular customers, whether you are serving them or not. Customer support can really help with keeping a job. I'm have issues with my supervisor but my customer referrals are through the roof. I'm untouchable as long as I keep doing what I'm doing. It helps that I really like my job, it's the bullshit on the company end that I hate. Good luck!


welcome to my fucking life.

i work in a resturaunt too and i feel like everyone around me except a couple people are fucking idiots.

just dont feed the fire dude, if they say stupid shit to you just say "ok" "yep" "ya" "sounds good" "you got it" etc, then walk away.

i work for a privately owned restaurant which is a lot easier to get fired from, but since i dont fuck up; i never have voids, i never lose my cool, all my shit is on point. they cant really do anything

you work for a corporation dude, they have to have a GOOD reason to fire you, not sure why but corporate is a lot different than private, id actually kinda rather work for a chain cause at least they know what theyre doing and have more money to throw around to stay innovative.


true fucking story. most managers in general are just people on power trips.

same thing happened to my buddy who got promoted. he started saying we couldnt drink milk anymore and im like, did the owner say that? hes like no ...but do you know how expensive milk is?

this is the same kid that used to tell me to drink restaurants milk when i first started because i used to bring my own.

all the managers have their OWN way of doing everything, anytime i ask about a P&P (policies and procedures) theyre like uhhh we dont have one anymore. im like, oh, cool that makes a lot of sense.

but if you can get a serving or bartending job at a good restaurant you can make GOOD money. where i work i usually make between 100 and 150 but other places are like 200-300 on a typical night. if youre making 200 5 nights a week, maybe a double every once in a while you can some serious dough.


I like(d) my job because it was no bullshit and flexible to my schedule. I don't make any big mistakes on shift, and am pretty much spotless. I take responsibility for everything around me in addition to my old tables, so noone can really talk shit.

I'm going to level completely with this new manager, I am a young man that believes in being real, being honest and having integrity. So I'll get right in this new manager's face about meeting expectations and show him how much I value my job till he finds someone else to pick on.

Part of all this has to do with the fact that our sales are in the can, we're down. So they are going to cut staff to meet sales. I already realized this, the conversation was really a head's up that they are going to fire ppl and of course it will be the newest ones.

Realizing this, I revved up this whiny lil bitch at work, and then set him off in front of the manager about, so the manager intervened, and then they got into and he got fired. So that is one down, I suppose 1-3 more people will probably get canned, so hopefully I can make sure they're not me.

You don't even realize who you are talking to. I am so down for that. I was thinking more like putting on a balaclava mask, full hoody and some sweat pants. Run up to him when he's walking up his front yard after a long night of work, tase and chloroform. Then carry him to my car, tie him up put him in my trunk. Then take him out to this spot I know, interrogate him and then terminate the subhuman dog. He only weighs 110lbs, I could probably curl his dumbass, let alone fireman's carry him through a sprint.


Tough, I would still use the hickory beating stick during the interrogation just so he knows you aren't fucking around. I laid out a dude with that badboy once. He thought I was only going to hit his car or something. He didn't even attempt to block it or anything. Just took it like a man. You just have to do what he says and smile but everytime you look at him think of how you could easily lay the fucker out.

I had a brief gig with a fat asshole of a master. That fat piece of shit in only 5 weeks time made it on my "People I would load up with several boxes of ammo using my pump-action Remi" Even if the motherfucker was dead I would keep on firing and reloading and making a run to Wal-Mart for more shells if I ran out. Fake it, till you make it is my advice.